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A terrestrial planet candidate in a temperate orbit around Proxima Centauri
Observations reveal the presence of a small planet with a minimum mass of about 1.3 Earth masses orbiting Proxima with a period of approximately 11.2 days at a semi-major-axis distance of around 0.05 astronomical units. Expand
Tidally Induced Gap Formation in Protostellar Disks: Gap Clearing and Suppression of Protoplanetary Growth
We present the results of numerical simulations of protostellar accretion disks that are perturbed by a protoplanetary companion that has a much smaller mass than the central object. We consider theExpand
Dust Filtration by Planet-induced Gap Edges: Implications for Transitional Disks
By carrying out two-dimensional two-fluid global simulations, we have studied the response of dust to gap formation by a single planet in the gaseous component of a protoplanetary disk—the so-calledExpand
Planet-Disk Interaction and Orbital Evolution
As planets form and grow within gaseous protoplanetary disks, the mutual gravitational interaction between the disk and planet leads to the exchange of angular momentum and migration of the planet.Expand
Three-dimensional simulations of multiple protoplanets embedded in a protostellar disc
Context. Theory predicts that low-mass protoplanets in a protostellar disc migrate into the central star on a time scale that is short compared with the disc lifetime or the giant planet formationExpand
The PLATO 2.0 mission
PLATO 2.0 has recently been selected for ESA’s M3 launch opportunity (2022/24). Providing accurate key planet parameters (radius, mass, density and age) in statistical numbers, it addressesExpand
Linear and non-linear evolution of the vertical shear instability in accretion discs
We analyse the stability and non-linear dynamics of power-law accretion disc models. These have mid-plane densities that follow radial power laws and have either temperature or entropy distributionsExpand
A comparative study of disc–planet interaction
We perform numerical simulations of a disc-planet system using various grid-based and smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) codes. The tests are run for a simple setup where Jupiter and Neptune massExpand
On the orbital evolution of low mass protoplanets in turbulent, magnetised disks
We present the results of MHD simulations of low mass protoplanets interacting with turbulent, magnetised protostellar disks. We calculate the orbital evolution of planetesimals and protoplanets withExpand
The migration and growth of protoplanets in protostellar discs
ABSTRA C T We investigate the gravitational interaction of a Jovian-mass protoplanet with a gaseous disc with aspect ratio and kinematic viscosity expected for the protoplanetary disc from which itExpand