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Portfolio approaches to procurement
Abstract Portfolio models have been used in strategic planning and marketing, but their application to the field of purchasing has been limited. This seems, however, to be changing, as procurementExpand
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Black Box Engineering: Redefining the Role of Product Specifications
Abstract Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in numerous industries recognize the benefits of involving their suppliers in the product design process. Specifications play a central role inExpand
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Identification of critical formulation and processing variables for metoprolol tartrate extended-release (ER) matrix tablets.
The objective of this study, was to examine the influence of critical formulation and processing variables as described in the AAPS/FDA Workshop II report on scale-up of oral extended-release dosageExpand
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Development of metoprolol tartrate extended-release matrix tablet formulations for regulatory policy consideration.
This research study was designed to develop model extended-release (ER) matrix tablet formulations for metoprolol tartrate (100 mg) sufficiently sensitive to manufacturing variable and to serve asExpand
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Factors influencing success in integrated product development (IPD) projects
Given the fact that there are thousands of components involved in the development process of an automobile or other similar complex products, coupled with many groups of people with differentExpand
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A specification model for product development
The specification processes in new product development is critical for obtaining a high quality, low cost and well interfaced product. However, despite the rich literature on product development,Expand
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Information Systems in Fast Cycle Development: Identifying User Needs in Integrated Automotive Component Development
Product development literature strongly emphasizes the need for open communication between suppliers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). There is a widespread expectation that computer-aidedExpand
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Validating specifications: a contract-based approach
  • R. Nellore
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • IEEE Trans. Engineering Management
  • 1 November 2001
The role of contracts in validating specifications has been neglected in research, as they are thought of as commercial and legal documents with little value as far as validation is concerned. TheExpand
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Evaluation of biodegradable microspheres as vaccine adjuvant for hepatitis B surface antigen.
Biodegradable microspheres were evaluated as vaccine adjuvants based on their ability to provide prolonged release of incorporated agents. Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBSA) prepared by recombinantExpand
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