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Thermochemical data of organic compounds
The purpose of the material in this book is to enable users of thermochemical data to predict values for standard enthalpies ofreactions involving organic compounds ranging in complex ity from simpleExpand
Invertebrate trace fossils and agglutinated foraminifera as indicators of marine influence within the classic Carboniferous section at Joggins, Nova Scotia, Canada
The sea cliffs at Joggins, Nova Scotia, are the most extensive and continuous Carboniferous section in eastern North America. Although the section has been considered to have formed within aExpand
The relationship between coal petrography and depositional environments from selected coal basins in Canada
Abstract This paper reviews current research in Canada relating to the sedimentology of coal-bearing sequences and the petrographic character of contained seams from selected intermontane andExpand
Composition and depositional environment of major eastern Canadian oil shales
Abstract In Eastern Canada, following the Acadian Orogeny, two lithologically and chronologically distinct sequences of oil shale were deposited in the Late Devonian/Carboniferous Maritimes Basin.Expand
Fluorescence properties of alginite-rich oil shales from the Stellarton Basin, Canada
Abstract Oil shale beds from the Stellarton Basin, Nova Scotia were characterized using macroscopic and microscopic fluorescence properties of the organic material and by Rock-Eval analysisExpand
Stratigraphy of the Horton Group, Guysborough and Antigonish Counties 1
The Nova Scotia Department of (NSDNR) and the Geological S (GSC-Atlantic) are working tog 1:50 000 scale geological map o This work forms part of a feder Targeted Geoscience Initiative the mineralExpand