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High speed piezoresponse force microscopy: <1 frame per second nanoscale imaging
An atomic force microscopy (AFM) based technique is described for mapping piezoactuation with nanoscale resolution in less than a second per complete image frame. “High speed piezo force microscopy”Expand
Bridging frustrated-spin-chain and spin-ladder physics: Quasi-one-dimensional magnetism of BiCu2PO6
We derive and investigate the microscopic model of the quantum magnet BiCu2PO6 using band-structure calculations, magnetic susceptibility and high-field magnetization measurements, as well as exactExpand
Magnetism and superconductivity in
We report bulk superconductivity (SC) in Eu0:2Sr0:8.Fe0:86Co0:14/2As2 single crystals by means of electrical resistivity, magnetic susceptibility and specific heat measurements with Tc’ 20 K and anExpand
Magnetic exchange interactions in BaMn2As2: A case study of the J1-J2-Jc Heisenberg model
BaMn2As2 is unique among BaT2As2 compounds crystallizing in the body-centered-tetragonal ThCr2Si2 structure, which contain stacked square lattices of 3d transition metal T atoms, since it has anExpand
Enhanced piezoelectric response from barium strontium titanate multilayer films
Multilayered and homogeneous thin films of BaxSr1−xTiO3 (BST) were grown on Pt-coated Si substrates via metal-organic solution deposition. The multilayer 220nm thick BST heterostructure consisted ofExpand
Synthesis, structure, and properties of tetragonal Sr 2 M 3 As 2 O 2 ( M 3 =Mn 3 , Mn 2 Cu , and MnZn 2 ) compounds containing alternating CuO 2 -type and FeAs-type layers
Polycrystalline samples of ${\text{Sr}}_{2}{\text{Mn}}_{2}{\text{CuAs}}_{2}{\text{O}}_{2}$, ${\text{Sr}}_{2}{\text{Mn}}_{3}{\text{As}}_{2}{\text{O}}_{2}$, andExpand
7Li NMR studies on the triangular lattice system LiCrO2
We report $^{7}\mathrm{Li}$ NMR, magnetic susceptibility, and heat capacity measurements on the triangular lattice Heisenberg antiferromagnet compound $\mathrm{Li}\mathrm{Cr}{\mathrm{O}}_{2}$. WeExpand
Structural, magnetic, thermal, and electronic transport properties of single-crystal EuPd 2 Sb 2
Single crystals of ${\text{EuPd}}_{2}{\text{Sb}}_{2}$ have been grown from PdSb self-flux. The properties of the single crystals have been investigated by x-ray diffraction, magnetic susceptibilityExpand
Field induced magnetic transition in low-dimensional magnets Bi(Ni,Co)PO5
Abstract We report the magnetic properties of iso-structural compounds BiNiPO5 and BiCoPO5 which undergo antiferromagnetic ordering at 17 K and 11 K, respectively. Positive values of θCW suggest theExpand
2H-NMR studies of supercooled and glassy aspirin
Abstract Acetyl salicylic acid, deuterated at the methyl group, was investigated using 2 H NMR in its supercooled and glassy states. Just above the glass transition temperature the molecularExpand