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Recommendation of short tandem repeat profiling for authenticating human cell lines, stem cells, and tissues
Cell misidentification and cross-contamination have plagued biomedical research for as long as cells have been employed as research tools. Examples of misidentified cell lines continue to surface toExpand
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Match criteria for human cell line authentication: Where do we draw the line?
We used a dataset of 2,279 STR profiles from four cell banks was used to assess the effectiveness of the match criteria recommended within the Standard. Expand
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Eradication of cross-contaminated cell lines: A call for action
  • R. Nardone
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Cell Biology and Toxicology
  • 24 May 2007
This “white paper” was prepared and widely disseminated in an attempt to sound an alarm about the long-term existence of a grave, unresolved and growing problem that affects a significant portion ofExpand
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Curbing rampant cross-contamination and misidentification of cell lines.
  • R. Nardone
  • Biology, Medicine
  • BioTechniques
  • 1 September 2008
A son's challenge started an emeritus professor of biology on a three-year odyssey to get biological researchers to correct a decades-long problem with cross-contaminated and misidentified cellExpand
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Microwave exposure alters the expression of 2-5A-dependent RNase.
The effects of 2.45-GHz continuous-wave microwaves (SAR = 130 mW/g) on the expression of the interferon-regulated enzymes 2'-5'-oligoadenylate (2-5A) synthetase(s) and 2-5A-dependent endoribonucleaseExpand
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Studies on the Alaskan Blackfish Dallia pectoralis I. Habitat, Size and Stomach Analyses
The end-product of evolution via mutation and natural selection frequently results in the establishment of a species well adapted to a limited environment. The distribution of the Alaskan blackfish,Expand
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Nucleoside Incorporation into Strain L Cells: Inhibition by Pleuropneumonia-Like Organisms
Contamination of Strain L cell cultures by pleuropneumonia-like organismtis (PPLO) resulted in a complete inhibition of the incorporation of tritiated thymnidine and uridine. Contanminated culturesExpand
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Delineation of electric and magnetic field effects of extremely low frequency electromagnetic radiation on transcription.
The relative effects of the electric and magnetic field components of extremely low frequency electromagnetic radiation (ELF) on transcription were examined in human leukemia HL-60 cells. DelineationExpand
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Electrocardiogram of the opossum during exposure to cold.
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