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Cutaneous adverse drug reactions in a tertiary care teaching hospital: A North Indian perspective
Background: Cutaneous manifestations of adverse drug reactions are a common occurrence and need to be differentiated from other causes of similar manifestations. Active search is essential forExpand
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Herbal products: a survey of students’ perception and knowledge about their medicinal use -
Background: As herbal therapies are increasingly being used around the world because they are perceived to be free of side effects, it is important that prescribers should be made aware of theirExpand
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Sunflower plant (Helianthus annuus) is a miraculous oil seed crop which is cultivated globally for its seeds. Sunflower seeds, a nutrient dense food has been found to have a potential role in chronicExpand
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Renin angiotensin system: A novel target for migraine prophylaxis
Migraine constitutes 16% of primary headaches affecting 10-20% of general population according to International Headache Society. Till now nonsteroidalanti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), opioids andExpand
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ESICM LIVES 2016: part three
A793 Malnutrition and clinical outcomes in critically ill children T. Velasquez, G. Mackey, J. Lusk, U.G. Kyle, T. Fontenot, P. Marshall, L.S. Shekerdemian, J.A. Coss-Bu Texas Children's Hospital,Expand
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Abiraterone acetate: a novel drug for castration-resistant prostate carcinoma.
Androgen-deprivation therapy is the mainstay of treatment for the management of advanced prostate carcinoma till transition to castration-resistant prostate carcinoma (CRPC). Recently, adrenal andExpand
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A pilot study to clinically evaluate the role of herbomineral compound “Rakatchap Har” in the management of essential hypertension
The aim of the present study was to investigate the clinical efficacy of a herbomineral medicine Rakatchaphar (Each 500 mg cap contains Sarpgandha 150 mg, Shankhpushpi 75 mg, Jatamansi 75 mg, JaharExpand
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Lidocaine, a known local anaesthetic agent has been demonstrated to possess significant efficacy in managing asthma due to its anti inflammatory and direct spasmolytic actions. Various clinicalExpand
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INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHARMACY & LIFE SCIENCES Cyclooxygenase/ prostaglandin signalling pathway: A novel target for managing breast carcinoma
Considering that cyclooxygenase -2(COX-2) is over expressed in 40% of invasive and pre-invasive breast cancer cell lines with a substantial role of prostaglandin E2(PGE2) in cancer initiation,Expand