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Total synthesis of ellipticine quinones, olivacine, and calothrixin B.
A direct route to the synthesis of biologically active ellipticine quinones, olivacine, and calothrixin B is described. The prominent key steps involved are Friedel-Crafts hydroxyalkylation followedExpand
Total synthesis of Calothrixin A and B via C-H activation.
Bioactive indolo[3,2-j]phenanthridine alkaloids Calothrixin A and B have been synthesized by exploiting Pd-catalyzed cross-coupling reaction via C-H activation as a key step starting fromExpand
Synthesis and characterization of bis(indolyl)methanes, tris(indolyl)methanes and new diindolylcarbazolylmethanes mediated by Zeokarb-225, a novel, recyclable, eco-benign heterogenous catalyst
Zeokarb-225, is a heterogenous, recyclable, eco-benign catalyst for the liquid phase electrophilic substitution reactions of indoles with aldehydes or indole aldehydes to afford the correspondingExpand
Synthesis of new diheteroarylcarbazoles : a facile and simple route of 3,6-di(pyrazol-4-yl)carbazoles
A short and facile route to the synthesis of new 3,6-di(pyrazol-4-yl)carbazoles is reported. Dipyrazolylcarbazoles were synthesized in two steps from 3,6-diacetylcarbazoles through a VilsmeierExpand
Total synthesis of the marine alkaloid Mansouramycin D.
Mansouramycin D, a cytotoxic alkaloid was isolated from a marine Streptomyces sp. in 2009. The first, simple, and concise route to the total synthesis of Mansouramycin D is reported. The coreExpand
Synthesis of new heteroaryldi(diindolyl)methanes: Colorimetric detection of DNA by di(diindolylmethyl)carbazoles
We have synthesized di(diindolylmethyl)carbazoles and di(diindolylmethyl)pyrroles by the reaction of substituted indoles with the corresponding carbazole and pyrroledicarboxaldehydes by employing aExpand
Synthesis and Chemical Characterization of Quinoline Imine Derivatives
Quinoline is mainly used as the building block to other special chemicals. Its principle use is a precursor for 8-hydroxy quinoline which is versatile chelating agent and precursor to pesticide. AExpand
Carbazole-Containing Conjugated Copolymers as Colorimetric/Fluorimetric Sensor for Iodide Anion
A series of conjugated poly(p-phenylene carbazole) copolymers, poly(N-hexyl-3,6-carbazole-alt-2,5-bisdodecyloxyphenylene) [P1], poly(N-ethylhexyl-3,6-carbazole-alt-2,5-bisdodecyloxyphenylene) [P2],Expand