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Widespread distribution of histamine in the nervous system of a trematode flatworm
In general, most flatworms contain very little histamine (HA) and their nervous systems often lack, or contain very few, histaminergic elements. However, preliminary studies in our laboratory haveExpand
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Isolation, Localization, and Bioactivity of the FMRFamide‐Related Neuropeptides GYIRFamide and YIRFamide from the Marine Turbellarian Bdelloura candida
Abstract: Two FMRFamide‐related neuropeptides, GYIRFamide and YIRFamide, were isolated from the marine turbellarian Bdelloura candida. The peptides elicited a dose‐dependent contraction of isolatedExpand
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Insect neuropeptide F (NPF)-related peptides: isolation from Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata) brain.
Two novel neuropeptides with neuropeptide F (NPF)-like immunoreactivity have been isolated from brain extracts of the Colorado potato beetle. Purification was achieved primarily by use of reverseExpand
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Regulation of the elongating nerve fiber.
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Calcium influx following fertilization of Urechis caupo eggs.
Abstract Measurements of 45 Ca flux into and out of Urechis eggs indicate that, during the first 10 min after insemination, the eggs take up 0.24 pmole of Ca/egg. Total egg Ca measured by atomicExpand
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GYIRFamide: a novel FMRFamide-related peptide (FaRP) from the triclad turbellarian, Dugesia tigrina.
Modern phylogenetic schemes propose a free-living turbellarian-like organism as the ancestor of all Bilateria, including chordates. While neuropeptides are now known to be of ancient origin withinExpand
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Acoustic microscopy: resolution of subcellular detail.
Recent advances now permit the use of scanning acoustic microscopy for the analysis of subcellular components. By sequential viewing of identified fixed cells with acoustic, light, and electronExpand
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Comparative analysis of the distribution of bradykinin-, GYIRFamide- and neuropeptide F-like immunoreactivities in the monogenean, Diclidophora merlangi.
An indirect immunocytochemical technique combined with confocal scanning laser microscopy has been used to demonstrate immunoreactivities to the nonapeptide, RPPGFSPFR (bradykinin, BK) and theExpand
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The peptidergic nervous system of the triclad turbellarian, Bdelloura candida (maricola, bdellouridae): An immunocytochemical study using an antiserum raised to an endogenous neuropeptide, GYIRFamide
The organisation of the nervous system of Bdelloura candida (Tricladida, Maricola, and Bdellouridae) was studied by immunocytochemistry, by using an antiserum raised to the authentic B. candidaExpand
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chapter 5 Regulation of the Elongating Nerve Fiber
Publisher Summary This chapter addresses the general question of how growing nerve fibers may be governed by both intracellular properties and extracellular cues and how the activities of theseExpand
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