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UHP Magma Paragenesis, Garnet Peridotite, and Garnet Clinopyroxenite: An Example from the Dominican Republic
Spinel-bearing garnet peridotite and corundum-bearing variants in the Cuaba Gneiss of the Cretaceous Rio San Juan Complex show evidence for ultrahigh pressure (UHP) partial melting and magmaticExpand
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The Serpentinization of Peridotite from Cedar Valley, Jamaica
Previously undescribed, microscopic textures in partially serpentinized peridotite shed light on the process of serpentinization. Fracturing and fragmentation of the peridotite protolith produced aExpand
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Retrograde metamorphism of eclogite in the southern Appalachian Mountains, U.S.A.–A case involving seamount subduction?
This work supports a growing body of evidence that the Ashe Metamorphic Suite (AMS) of the eastern Blue Ridge province in North Carolina has an ensimatic origin and is part of a subduction-relatedExpand
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Protolith provenance and thermotectonic history of metamorphic rocks in eastern Jamaica: Evolution of a transform plate boundary
Two fault-bounded sequences of metamorphic rocks are exposed in the Blue Mountains of eastern Jamaica. Westphalia Schist is dominated by amphibolite facies hornblende schist and mica schist. Mt.Expand
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Internal structures in part of the South Mountain batholith, Nova Scotia, Canada
The Devonian South Mountain batholith (SMB) in southern Nova Scotia provides an opportunity to examine the deformation produced in a magma during emplacement. The SMB was emplaced in three principalExpand
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AFM liquidus projections for granitic magmas, with special reference to hornblende, biotite and garnet
The liquidus relationships projected in the AFM system (A AlgOrKeO-NazO-CaO, F FeO, M MgO) have been described by Abbott & Clarke (1979) for silicate liquids (Lio) saturated with respect to quartz,Expand
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Peritectic reactions in the system An-Ab-Or-Qz-H<2) O
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P-T Path for Ultrahigh-Pressure Garnet Ultramafic Rocks of the Cuaba Gneiss, Rio San Juan Complex, Dominican Republic
Ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) rocks in the Cuaba Gneiss include Grt ultramafic rocks, mafic eclogite, and partially retrograded equivalents. The Grt ultramafic rocks (Spl-bearing Grt peridotite,Expand
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