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Geometrothermodynamics of higher dimensional black holes
We study the thermodynamics and geometrothermodynamics of different black hole configurations in more than four spacetime dimensions. We use the response functions to find the conditions under which
Cosmology with hybrid expansion law: scalar field reconstruction of cosmic history and observational constraints
In this paper, we consider a simple form of expansion history of Universe referred to as the hybrid expansion law - a product of power-law and exponential type of functions. The ansatz by
Integrable (2 + 1)-Dimensional Spin Models with Self-Consistent Potentials
This paper identifies three different integrable spin systems in (2 + 1) dimensions by introducing the interaction of the spin field with more than one scalar potential, or vector potential,, or both, and deduces the equivalent nonlinear Schrodinger family of equations.
Motion of curves and surfaces and nonlinear evolution equations in (2+1) dimensions
It is shown that a class of important integrable nonlinear evolution equations in (2+1) dimensions can be associated with the motion of space curves endowed with an extra spatial variable or
Accelerating universe from F(T) gravity
It is shown that the acceleration of the universe can be understood by considering a F(T) gravity models. For these F(T) gravity models, a variant of the accelerating cosmology reconstruction program
Mimetic Gravity: A Review of Recent Developments and Applications to Cosmology and Astrophysics
Mimetic gravity is a Weyl-symmetric extension of General Relativity, related to the latter by a singular disformal transformation, wherein the appearance of a dust-like perfect fluid can mimic cold
Holographic dark energy through Tsallis entropy
In order to apply holography and entropy relations to the whole universe, which is a gravitational and thus nonextensive system, for consistency one should use the generalized definition for the
Reconstruction of f(T) gravity: Rip cosmology, finite-time future singularities, and thermodynamics
We demonstrate that there appear finite-time future singularities in $f(T)$ gravity with $T$ being the torsion scalar. We reconstruct a model of $f(T)$ gravity with realizing the finite-time future
Nonommutative wormholes in f(R) gravity
This paper discusses several new exact solutions for static wormholes in f(R) gravity with a noncommutative-geometry background. In the first part of the paper, we assume the power-law form f(R) =