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Micronesian Reef Fishes
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The fishes of the Mariana Islands
This paper lists 1,106 species of fishes known from the Mariana Islands and adjacent territorial waters. Of these 1,020 may be characterized as inshore or epipelagic species, the vast majority ofExpand
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Coral Reef Fishes
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Geography and life history traits account for the accumulation of cryptic diversity among Indo-West Pacific coral reef fishes
Indo-West Pacific coral reef fishes form speciose ecological communities. A biogeographically meaningful interpretation of diversity patterns in this region requires accurate inventories of species.Expand
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Guam's Small-Boat-based Fisheries
Recent trends in Guam's small-boat fisheries and current knowledge of their biology, management, and economics are summarized. Annual estimates of participation, effort, and harvest are given for theExpand
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Coral Reef Fishes : Caribbean, Indian Ocean, and Pacific Ocean: Including the Red Sea
This guide includes all fishes that are likely to be observed by people visiting or diving on the coral reefs of the Indo-Pacific - including the Red Sea - and Western Atlantic oceans to a depth ofExpand
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The Likelihood of Extinction of Iconic and Dominant Herbivores and Detritivores of Coral Reefs: The Parrotfishes and Surgeonfishes
Parrotfishes and surgeonfishes perform important functional roles in the dynamics of coral reef systems. This is a consequence of their varied feeding behaviors ranging from targeted consumption ofExpand
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Insular Freshwater Fish Faunas of Micronesia: Patterns of Species Richness and Similarity
Freshwater fishes are an important but relatively little known component of the highly diverse fish fauna of Micronesia. Localities supporting communities of freshwater fishes include large highExpand
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