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Comparative Phytochemical Investigation of the Composition and Content of Biologically Active Substances in Marrubium vulgare and M. alternidens
Of 15 known species of Marrubium L. (Lamiaceae Lindl.), M. vulgare L. and M. alternidens Rech. grow in Kazakhstan [1]. The aerial parts of these and other species of horehound are medicinal materialsExpand
Phytochemical Investigation of Biologically Active Substances in Certain Kazakhstan Rumex Species. 1.
The qualitative and quantitative compositions of the main groups of biologically active substances from roots of several Kazakhstan Rumex species were compared. The amino-acid compositions of allExpand
Biosynthesis and Metabolism of Anthraquinone Derivatives
In review the generalized data about biosynthetic routs formation anthraquinone molecules in natural cells. The basic possibilities of various ways of biosynthesis of different quinoid substances areExpand
Technologies of Acylation of Hydroxyanthraquinones A
In review the generalized data about different methods of synthesis of biological activity acylated hydrohyanthraquinones is presented. The basic regularity of a synthesis is analyzed. Action ofExpand
Reactions of natural anthraquinone pigments
SummaryBy condensing chrysophanic acid with nitrogen-containing substances, derivatives substituted at the carbonyl and hydroxyl-group positions have been obtained. Substance IIa possess antitumorExpand
New antioxidant phytopreparation from Rumex thyrsiflorus roots. III
We identified in the phytopreparation caffeic, gallic, and p-hydroxybenzoic acids; phloroglucinol, hydroquinone, pyrogallol, quercetin, myricetin, rutin, isorhamnetin, isorhamnetin-3-O-rutinoside,Expand
Bromination of emodin
Using emodin as an example, it has been shown that in the bromination of hydroxyanthraquinones the qualitative composition and quantitative ratio of the reaction products depend on the nature of theExpand
Pre-Clinical Studying of Antitumor Ramon Preparation: Chronic Toxicity
The data of chronic toxicity for pre-clinical researches of Ramon preparation is described and local irritative effect, allergic, pyrogenic properties and reaction to the immune system were studied. Expand
Essential Oils of Polygonum L. Plants Growing in Kazakhstan and Their Antibacterial and Antifungal Activity
The main advantages of medical plants are softness and width of their therapeutic effect on an organism, the absence of side effects and complications even if the used continuously, high tolerability by patients and the only and (or) cost-effective sources of natural biologically active substances and medicines. Expand
Certain KazakhstanGalium species. I
Demands of the pharmaceutical industry for local medical raw material stimulated chemical investigations of Kazakhstan Galium species. The present communication presents results from a determinationExpand