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Upper Pleistocene Hominid Evolution in South-Central Europe: A Review of the Evidence and Analysis of Trends [and Comments and Reply]
South-Central Europe has yielded rather large and significant samples of archaic and early modern Homo sapiens dated to the Upper Pleistocene. These hominid samples have received proportionatelyExpand
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Sedimentary history of Za Hajovnou Cave (Moravia, Czech Republic): A unique Middle Pleistocene palaeontological site
Za Hajovnou Cave in the Javoricko Karst (Moravia, Czech Republic) has a rich record of Middle Pleistocene, typical Holsteinian, flora and fauna dominated by bear Ursus deningeri. Sedimentological,Expand
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Neanderthals as part of the Broader Late Pleistocene Megafauna Extinctions
Book description: What role did Ice Age climate play in the demise of the Neanderthals, and why was it that modern humans alone survived? For the past seven years a team of international experts fromExpand
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Terrestrial and Marine Faunas from the Miocene Deposits of theMokrá Plateau (Drahany Upland, Czech Republic) - Impact onPalaeogeography
The karst phenomena in the Upper Paleozoic limestones, including continental and marine Miocene sediments with associated fauna, were studied in quarries worked by Mokra Cement Works, Inc. MokraExpand
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Ursus spelaeus, der Hohlenbär. I
Inventaire des sites a ours des cavernes: Algerie, Maroc, Espagne, France, Italie, Yougoslavie, Grece, Bulgarie, Roumanie, Hongrie. Faunes en contexte et statigraphies.
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The environment of the middle Palaeolithic sites in Central andEastern Europe
The presented study deals with the most important sites in Central and Eastern Europe with sediments containing fi nds of the Micoquian, Mousterian and Taubachian cultures.
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Die Bärenpopulation von Bilzingsleben : Eine neue mittelpleistozäne Art
La localidad Bilzingsleben (Alemania) pertenece hoy en dia a uno de los yacimientos europeos mas importantes del Interglaciar de Holstein, no solo desde el punto de vista de la estratigrafia, sinoExpand
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The Paleoclimatic and Palaeoenvirnonmental Conditions at Předmostí
This chapter will discuss an analysis of the paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental contexts of the Gravettian site at Předmosti, and the influence of the environment on the existence of the settlementExpand
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Palaeoenvironment at Gravettian Sites in Central Europe with emphasis on Moravia (Czech Republic) Die Paläoumwelt mitteleuropäischer Gravettien-Fundstellen mit Schwerpunkt auf Mähren (Tschechische
This paper presents a synthesis of palaeoenvironmental conditions during the Gravettian with an emphasis on Moravia in the Czech Republic, where there is a maximum concentration and density ofExpand
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