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Hive - A Warehousing Solution Over a Map-Reduce Framework
We present Hive, an open-source data warehousing solution built on top of Hadoop. Expand
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Hive - a petabyte scale data warehouse using Hadoop
The size of data sets being collected and analyzed in the industry for business intelligence is growing rapidly, making traditional warehousing solutions prohibitively expensive. Expand
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Data warehousing and analytics infrastructure at facebook
Scalable analysis on large data sets has been core to the functions of a number of teams at Facebook - both engineering and non-engineering. Expand
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Trio-One: Layering Uncertainty and Lineage on a Conventional DBMS (Demo)
This paper describes Trio-One's translation scheme and system architecture, showing how it efficiently and easily supports the Trio data model and query language. Expand
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Making Aggregation Work in Uncertain and Probabilistic Databases
We describe how aggregation is handled in the Trio system for uncertain and probabilistic data. Expand
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Peregrine: Low-latency queries on Hive warehouse data
How Facebook is analyzing big data.
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