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From a Fortified Canaanite City-State to “a City and a Mother” in Israel: Five Seasons of Excavation at Tel Abel Beth Maacah
Tel Abel Beth Maacah is a prominent site on the border of Israel, Syria, and Lebanon where it occupied a strategic geopolitical niche among ancient Canaanites, Israelites, Arameans, and Phoenicians.
The Archaeology of Ritual
scholars working to contravene the neglect of ritual and religion in archaeological research. This book is the product of one such seminar convened to discuss the potential for studying ritual
Contextualizing an Iron Age IIA Hoard of Astragali from Tel Abel Beth Maacah, Israel
Astragali, the knuckle or ankle bones of mammals, have been collected, used and modified by humans in different parts of the world for millennia. Large hoards dating from Iron Age IIA (tenth–ninth
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A Mnḫprrꜥ Scarab from Tel Abel Beth Maacah
During excavations at Tell Abil el-Qameḥ, identified as the biblical Abel Beth Maacah and located in the Upper Galilee on the modern border between Israel, Lebanon and Syria, a high-quality Mnḫprr ꜥ
Deontic Closure and Conflict in Legal Reasoning
Some legal reasoning patterns concerning deontic closure and conflicts in defeasible deontics logics are identified and appropriate approaches for legal settings are suggested.