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The influence of carbon content in the mixture of substrates on methane production
A lot of different chemical reactions take place in the biochemical process of biogas formation but the most important of them include the reaction of bonding carbon dioxide with hydrogen and theExpand
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Calcified Shrimp Waste Supported Pd NPs as an Efficient Catalyst toward Benzene Destruction
Shrimp waste (SW) was calcified to CaCO3 and CaO with variant morphologies by simple calcination in air and used as efficient support for Pd NPs (<7 nm) in benzene oxidation. A combination of in si...
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Coral-like CoMnOx as a Highly Active Catalyst for Benzene Catalytic Oxidation
The search for efficient and durable catalysts for volatile organic compounds oxidation is essential for environmental remediation. Herein, porous coral-like cobalt–manganese oxide (CoMnOx) catalystExpand
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Estimation of methane production for batch technology – A new approach
In the case of agricultural biogas plants it is the living microorganisms (mainly archaea) that determine the amount of methane produced. If the conditions in the digester are not adequate or theExpand
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Photoinduced Pt-Decorated Expanded Graphite towardLow-Temperature Benzene Catalytic Combustion
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are a great threat to the health of human beings, and developing catalysts with prominent activity and stability to eliminate them are highly desired. In this work...