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Echocardiographic predictors of survival in dogs with myxomatous mitral valve disease.
OBJECTIVES To evaluate vena contracta and other echocardiographic measures of myxomatous mitral valve disease (MMVD) severity in a multivariable analysis of survival in dogs. ANIMALS 70 dogsExpand
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Pooled Analysis of the Cow's Milk-related-Symptom-Score (CoMiSS™) as a Predictor for Cow's Milk Related Symptoms
Purpose The diagnosis of cow's milk (CM) allergy is a challenge. The Cow's Milk-related-Symptom-Score (CoMiSS™) was developed to offer primary health care providers a reliable diagnostic tool for CMExpand
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Prospective Blinded Trial Comparing 45-mL and 90-mL Doses of Oral Sodium Phosphate for Bowel Preparation Before Computed Tomographic Colonography
Objective: To compare the efficacy of computed tomographic colonography (CTC) bowel preparation using single- (45 mL) versus double-dose sodium phosphate. Materials and Methods: A hundred consecutiveExpand
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Multiple-electrode radiofrequency ablation: comparison with a conventional cluster electrode in an in vivo porcine kidney model.
PURPOSE To compare multiple-electrode radiofrequency (RF) ablation versus RF ablation with a cluster electrode in an in vivo porcine kidney model. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirteen female pigs (meanExpand
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Radiofrequency ablation with a high-power generator: Device efficacy in an in vivo porcine liver model
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to test the feasibility and efficacy of using a high-power generator with nondeployable electrodes to create large zones of coagulation in an in vivo porcineExpand
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Magnetic resonance imaging-monitored plasmid DNA delivery in primate limb muscle.
The purpose of this work is to investigate the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to monitor the effects of high-pressure naked plasmid DNA (pDNA) intravascular injections in primate limbs,Expand
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Variability of clinical CT perfusion measurements in patients with carotid stenosis
IntroductionCT perfusion imaging (pCT) may be used to detect and monitor hemodynamic abnormalities due to cerebrovascular disease. The magnitude of variability in clinical measurements has beenExpand
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Angiographic and histological comparison of canine bifurcation aneurysms treated with first generation matrix and standard GDC coils
IntroductionIt is claimed that bioactive coils induce accelerated and more durable aneurysm healing. Data supporting this claim are quite limited. Our purpose was to compare the angiographic andExpand
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Development of a Non-invasive Device for Swallow Screening in Patients at Risk of Oropharyngeal Dysphagia: Results from a Prospective Exploratory Study
Oropharyngeal dysphagia is prevalent in several at-risk populations, including post-stroke patients, patients in intensive care and the elderly. Dysphagia contributes to longer hospital stays andExpand
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REDUCE-IT INTERIM: Accumulation of Data Across Prespecified Interim Analyses to Final Results.
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