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Psychosocial adjustment of children with a terminally ill parent.
Although a substantial number of children experience serious parental illness and death, the adjustment problems attendant to the stress of having a fatally ill parent have not been examinedExpand
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Psychosocial Issues in AIDS
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Parental death during childhood may have enduring traumatic effects. This paper discusses a sequence of preventive interventions for children during the course of a parent's fatal illness. TheExpand
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AIDS and Terminal Illness
The authors discuss the specific social and psychological tasks that confront individuals who are dying with AIDS. The young age of the patient, the nature of the disease process, and the socialExpand
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Helping adolescents whose parents have cancer.
ECENT YEARS have seen a dramatic increase in the understanding of psychologic issues that confront cancer patients. Interventions have been developed to assist patients in coping with their disease,Expand
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Infants undergoing pyloromyotomy are not at risk for postoperative apnea
Thirty term infants undergoing general anesthesia and pyloromyotomy had pre‐ and postoperative sleep studies to determine whether these infants were at risk for postoperative apnea.
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Psychosocial issues in adults with transfusion-related HIV infection and their families.
Clinical data on all non-hemophiliac adult cases of transfusion-induced HIV infection (TI-HIV) referred for treatment to the Infectious Disease Service at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer CenterExpand
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Inequalities Among Operations on Probability Distribution Functions
Inequalities are established among certain binary operations on a space of probability distribution functions. These operations arise naturally in the theory of probabilistic metric spaces, in theExpand
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