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VCAM-1-mediated Rac signaling controls endothelial cell-cell contacts and leukocyte transmigration.
Leukocyte adhesion is mediated totally and transendothelial migration partially by heterotypic interactions between the beta1- and beta2-integrins on the leukocytes and their ligands, Ig-like cellExpand
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Enhanced formation and survival of CD4+ CD25hi Foxp3+ T-cells in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Recently, it has been described that patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) have increased numbers of regulatory T (Treg) cells. In the present study, we analysed the mechanism behind TregExpand
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Redirection of CMV Specific CTL towards B-CLL Via CD20 Targeted HLA/CMV Complexes.
Because B cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia (B-CLL) can not be cured with current therapies, but in general has a slow progression and rather long median survival, it is considered an attractiveExpand
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Redirection of CMV-specific CTL towards B-CLL via CD20-targeted HLA/CMV complexes
B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (B-CLL) is a slowly progressing malignancy of CD5+ B cells, for which at present no curative treatment is available. In our current study, we apply a novelExpand
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Detection of p53 dysfunction in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia cells through multiplex quantification of p53 target gene induction
Detection of p53 dysfunction in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia cells through multiplex quantification of p53 target gene induction
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Ibrutinib: A Risk Factor for Invasive Fungal Infections?
Background : Invasive fungal infections (IFI) are life threatening infections reported mainly in acute leukemia patients with prolonged deep neutropenia and patients post bone marrow or organExpand
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Successful Treatment of MYC rearrangement Positive Large B Cell Lymphoma Patients with R-CHOP21 Plus Lenalidomide: Results of a Multicenter Phase II HOVON Trial
Background: Patients with MYC rearrangement positive large B cell lymphoma other than Burkitt lymphoma (MYC+ LBCL), have a dismal prognosis following standard first line therapy with R-CHOP.Expand
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Ibrutinib‐associated invasive fungal diseases in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and non‐Hodgkin lymphoma: An observational study
Invasive fungal diseases (IFD) are life‐threatening infections most commonly diagnosed in acute leukaemia patients with prolonged neutropenia and are uncommonly diagnosed in patients withExpand
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Adequate synapse formation between leukemic B cells and effector T cells following stimulation with artificial TCR ligands
Artificial T cell receptor (TCR) ligands can be used to direct virus-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL) towards tumor cells. Because of their size, these constructs may differ from cognateExpand
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The complex genetic landscape of familial MDS and AML reveals pathogenic germline variants
The inclusion of familial myeloid malignancies as a separate disease entity in the revised WHO classification has renewed efforts to improve the recognition and management of this group of at riskExpand
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