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Social Media Use in the United States: Implications for Health Communication
Background Given the rapid changes in the communication landscape brought about by participative Internet use and social media, it is important to develop a better understanding of these technologiesExpand
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The ecology of team science: understanding contextual influences on transdisciplinary collaboration.
Increased public and private investments in large-scale team science initiatives over the past two decades have underscored the need to better understand how contextual factors influence theExpand
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The science of team science: overview of the field and introduction to the supplement.
The science of team science encompasses an amalgam of conceptual and methodologic strategies aimed at understanding and enhancing the outcomes of large-scale collaborative research and trainingExpand
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One of the most substantial legacies of Herman Feifel was his pioneering research on attitudes toward death and dying in a variety of populations. The authors review the large and multifacetedExpand
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Imaging of soft tissue tumors.
In summary, MR imaging is the preferred modality for the evaluation of a soft tissue mass after plain films have been taken. The radiologic appearance of certain soft tissue tumors or tumorlikeExpand
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Cancer Knowledge and Disparities in the Information Age
Increasing information flow often leads to widening gaps in knowledge between different socioeconomic status (SES) groups as higher SES groups are more likely to acquire this new information at aExpand
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A genome-wide RNA interference screen reveals an essential CREB3L2/ATF5/MCL1 survival pathway in malignant glioma with therapeutic implications
Activating transcription factor-5 (ATF5) is highly expressed in malignant glioma and has a key role in promoting cell survival. Here we perform a genome-wide RNAi screen to identify transcriptionalExpand
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Associations of Perceived Risk and Worry with Cancer Health-protective Actions
This study examined the associations of susceptibility, conceptualized as both a cognition (risk) and as affect (worry) and their possible interaction, with cancer screening behaviors. Data for thisExpand
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Cartilaginous bone tumors.
Cartilaginous tumors can be subdivided into several categories according to the following three criteria: (1) Is the lesion benign or malignant? (2) Is the lesion a pure or impure cartilaginousExpand
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Measuring collaboration and transdisciplinary integration in team science.
PURPOSE As the science of team science evolves, the development of measures that assess important processes related to working in transdisciplinary teams is critical. Therefore, the purpose of thisExpand
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