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Madrasas in Mecca during the medieval period: a descriptive study based on literary sources
The madrasa as an institution dedicated to the teaching of one or more of the four madhhabs , or schools, of Sunni Islamic jurisprudence, often in conjunction with the ancillary Islamic sciences,Expand
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The Mercantile Community of Mecca during the Late Mamlūk Period
The town of Mecca, in the Hijaz of western Arabia, in addition to its importance as the goal of the hajj, or annual Muslim pilgrimage, was a commercial emporium of great importance during the MamlukExpand
Zaydi Shi ism and the asanid Sharifs of Mecca
The sharifs of Hasanid descent, commonly referred to as the Banū Hasan, who ruled Mecca and its dependencies from the middle of the fourth century A.H./tenth century A.D. until the early twentiethExpand
Grand Dawādār and Governor of Jedda: The Career of the Fifteenth Century Mamlūk Magnate Ğānibak Al-Ẓāhirī
Etude de la carriere d'un emir mamelouk, Gānibak al-Zāhirī, gouverneur de Jiddah, sans doute l'un des magnats les plus puissants du XVe s., et de sa phenomenale ascension vers le pouvoir, liee a sesExpand
Prices in Mecca During the Mamluk Period
The political, social and economic history of western Arabia during the medieval period still remains terra incognita for the great majority of Islamicists, in spite of the intrinsic importance ofExpand