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A putative, ubiquitin-dependent mechanism for the recognition and elimination of defective spermatozoa in the mammalian epididymis.
The normal structure and function of sperm are prerequisites for successful fertilization and embryonic development, but little is known about how defective sperm are eliminated during mammalianExpand
Poliquetos bentónicos submareales de fondos blandos de la región de Aysén, Chile: Clados Amphinomida, Eunicida, Spionida, Sabellida y Scolecida (Annelida, Polychaeta)
We present results from a taxonomic study of subtidal benthic polychaetes belonging to the Amphinomida, Eunicida, Spionida, Sabellida and Scolecida clades, obtained during the Cimar-7 and Cimar-8Expand
Rheological Behavior and Slip Casting of Al2O3-Ni Aqueous Suspensions
A strong effort has been devoted recently toward processing of metal–ceramic composites with tailored microstructure by colloidal methods. The aim of this work is to optimize the rheological behaviorExpand
Processing and mechanical properties of mullite and mullite–alumina composites reinforced with carbon nanofibers
Abstract In the present work homogeneous mullite and mullite–alumina composites reinforced with carbon nanofibers (CNFs) were prepared. The stability of aqueous mullite and mullite–CNFs suspensionsExpand
Advanced Lipotransfer Techniques
1.1 Liposhifting: Treatment of post-liposuction irregularities One of the most frequent complications after liposuction is the presence of residual fat accompanied by surface irregularities such asExpand
Fracture behaviour of alumina–calcium hexaluminate composites obtained by colloidal processing
Three diAerent alumina (90 vol.%)‐calcium hexaluminate (10 vol.%) composites have been prepared by colloidal processing of high purity starting powders in aqueous media and conventional sintering atExpand
Colloidal processing of highly concentrated aqueous copper suspensions
Abstract This work deals with the preparation of copper dense compacts using an aqueous colloidal route. Concentrated suspensions of Cu powders were prepared in water with a polyelectrolyte andExpand
Al2O3 Nanoparticulate LZS Glass–Ceramic Matrix Composites for Production of Multilayered Materials
This work reports the processing steps of Al2O3 (1–5 vol%) nanoparticulate (dV.50 = 13 nm) LZS glass–ceramic matrix (19.58Li2O·11.10ZrO2·69.32SiO2, mol%, dv.50 = 3.5 μm) composites for production ofExpand
Gel casting of aqueous suspensions of BaTiO3 nanopowders
Abstract Commercial nano-BaTiO3 powders have been formed into green bodies using colloidal forming routes. A study of the rheological behaviour of the suspensions as a function of dispersantExpand
High-temperature creep of carbon nanofiber-reinforced and graphene oxide-reinforced alumina composites sintered by spark plasma sintering
Abstract Alumina (Al 2 O 3 ) ceramic composites reinforced with either graphene oxide (GO) or carbon nanofibers (CNFs) were prepared using Spark Plasma Sintering. The effects of GO and CNFs on theExpand