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The Magnitude of Global Marine Species Diversity
BACKGROUND The question of how many marine species exist is important because it provides a metric for how much we do and do not know about life in the oceans. We have compiled the first register ofExpand
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Consistency Indices and Random Data
This study was undertaken to determine the range of consistency index (CI) values obtainable from random data sets. We generated multiple random data matrices for each of 49 different matrix sizesExpand
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Are homalozoans echinoderms? An answer from the extraxial-axial theory
Abstract Homalozoans include four classes of non-pentamerous Paleozoic echinoderms: Homostelea (cinctans), Ctenocystoidea (ctenoid-bearing homalozoans), Homoiostelea (solutes), and StylophoraExpand
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Antarctic echinoidea, 10
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Arrays in rays: terminal addition in echinoderms and its correlation with gene expression
Summary The echinoderms are deuterostomes that superimpose radial symmetry upon bilateral larval morphology. Consequently, they are not the first animals that come to mind when the concepts ofExpand
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Radial Symmetry, the Anterior/Posterior Axis, and Echinoderm Hox Genes
The strangeness of echinoderm pentaradiality results from superposition of radial symmetry onto ancestral deuterostome bilaterality. The ExtraxialAxial Theory shows that echinoderms also have anExpand
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Living and fossil genera of the Clypeasteroida (Echinoidea, Echinodermata) : an illustrated key and annotated checklist
Mooi, Rich. Living and Fossil Genera of the Clypeasteroida (Echinoidea: Echinodermata): An Illustrated Key and Annotated Checklist. Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology, number 488, 51 pages, 34Expand
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Biodiversity of Antarctic echinoids: a comprehensive and interactive database*
Eighty-one echinoid species are present south of the Antarctic Convergence, and they represent an important component of the benthic fauna. “Antarctic echinoids” is an interactive databaseExpand
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