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The Genomic Ancestry of Individuals from Different Geographical Regions of Brazil Is More Uniform Than Expected
Based on pre-DNA racial/color methodology, clinical and pharmacological trials have traditionally considered the different geographical regions of Brazil as being very heterogeneous. We wished toExpand
Antiproliferative activity of pristimerin isolated from Maytenus ilicifolia (Celastraceae) in human HL-60 cells.
Pristimerin has been shown to be cytotoxic to several cancer cell lines. In the present work, the cytotoxicity of pristimerin was evaluated in human tumor cell lines and in human peripheral bloodExpand
MYC Deregulation in Gastric Cancer and Its Clinicopathological Implications
Our study investigated the relationship between MYC alterations and clinicopathological features in gastric cancers. We evaluated the effect of MYC mRNA expression and its protein immunoreactivity,Expand
Relationship of EGFR Mutations, Expression, Amplification, and Polymorphisms to Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Inhibitors in the NCI60 Cell Lines
Purpose: The mechanism of sensitivity and resistance to epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) inhibitors is incompletely understood, particularly in cancers other than non–small-cell lung cancerExpand
MYC, FBXW7 and TP53 copy number variation and expression in Gastric Cancer
BackgroundMYC deregulation is a common event in gastric carcinogenesis, usually as a consequence of gene amplification, chromosomal translocations, or posttranslational mechanisms. FBXW7 is aExpand
Cytotoxic Abietane Diterpenes from Hyptis martiusii Benth.
From roots of Hyptis martiusii Benth. two tanshinone diterpenes were isolated, the new 7β-hydroxy-11,14-dioxoabieta-8,12-diene (1) in addition to the known 7α-acetoxy-12-hydroxy-Expand
Genotoxic effects of aluminum, iron and manganese in human cells and experimental systems: A review of the literature
There is considerable evidence indicating an increase in neurodegenerative disorders in industrialized countries. The clinical symptoms and the possible mutagenic effects produced by acute poisoningExpand
The miRNA Profile of Platelets Stored in a Blood Bank and Its Relation to Cellular Damage from Storage
Millions of blood products are transfused each year, and many lives are directly affected by transfusion. Platelet concentrate (PC) is one of the main products derived from blood. Even under goodExpand
Effects on DNA repair in human lymphocytes exposed to the food dye tartrazine yellow.
Tartrazine is a food additive that belongs to a class of artificial dyes and contains an azo group. Studies about its genotoxic, cytotoxic and mutagenic effects are controversial and, in some cases,Expand
Composition, antioxidant capacity and cytotoxic activity of Eugenia uniflora L. chemotype-oils from the Amazon.
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Oils and extracts of Eugenia uniflora have been reported as antimicrobial, antifungal, antinociceptive, antiprotozoal, antioxidant and cytotoxic. AIM OF THE STUDY TheExpand