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Phenolic compounds in skins and seeds of ten grape Vitis vinifera varieties grown in a warm climate
Abstract This study employed high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) to analyse non-anthocyanin phenols present in the skins and seeds of 70 grape samples belonging to 10 cultivars. Grape skinsExpand
Rospiglioside, a New Totarane Diterpene from the Leaves of Retrophyllum rospigliosii
A new glucosyl totarane diterpene named rospiglioside, together with seven known abietane and totarane diterpenes identified as ferruginol, sugiol, sugiol acetate, totarol, totarol acetate, 4β-car-Expand
Naphthopyranones from Rhizomes of Paepalanthus diffissus
From a dichloromethane extract obtained of rhizomes of Paepalanthus diffissus Moldenke (Eriocaulaceae) were isolated the bioactive naphthopyranones (+)-semi-vioxanthin [3] and vioxanthin [8]. TheseExpand