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Elemental turnover rates and trophic discrimination in juvenile Lebranche mullet Mugil liza under experimental conditions.
The aim of this study was to determine the isotopic-turnover rate (RIT ) and trophic-discrimination factor (FTD ) in muscle tissues of Lebranche mullet Mugil liza fed an experimental diet (δ13 C =
Trophic segregation of a fish assemblage along lateral depth gradients in a subtropical coastal lagoon revealed by stable isotope analyses.
The results revealed that fishes in deep areas were mainly dependent on particulate organic matter in the sediment, whereas emergent macrophytes were as important as SOM to fish consumers in shallow areas.
Temporal variability in assimilation of basal food sources by an omnivorous fish at Patos Lagoon Estuary revealed by stable isotopes (2010–2014)
The results suggest that the intensity of benthic and pelagic trophic pathways sustaining estuarine consumers are not static, but change in response to intra- and interannual variation in the availability of basal production sources.
Carbon primary sources and estuarine habitat use by two congeneric ariid catfishes in a subtropical coastal lagoon
The hypothesis that both ariid catfishe species occupy the estuary and assimilate organic carbon produced in this region during their early stages is supported, but G. genidens adults consume carbon sources associated with the freshwater portion of the lagoon.