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Core: a collaborative reputation mechanism to enforce node cooperation in mobile ad hoc networks
A generic mechanism based on reputation to enforce cooperation among the nodes of a MANET to prevent selfish behavior is suggested and can be smoothly extended to basic network functions with little impact on existing protocols. Expand
Safebook: A privacy-preserving online social network leveraging on real-life trust
The suggested approach adopts a decentralized architecture relying on cooperation among a number of independent parties that are also the users of the online social network application to ensure users' privacy in the face of potential privacy violations by the provider. Expand
Security in wireless ad hoc networks
Systematic Design of Two-Party Authentication Protocols
A new authenticated exchange protocol is presented which is both provably secure and highly efficient and practical, and prevents chosen plaintext or ciphertext attacks on the cryptosystem. Expand
Tracker: Security and Privacy for RFID-based Supply Chains
TRACKER allows to securely identify which (legitimate) path an object/tag has taken through a supply chain, and provides privacy: an adversary can neither learn details about an object’s path, nor can it trace and link objects in the supply chain. Expand
Systematic Design of a Family of Attack-Resistant Authentication Protocols
A methodology for systematically building and testing the security of a family of cryptographic two-way authentication protocols that are as simple as possible yet resistant to a wide class of attacks, efficient, easy to implement and use, and amenable to many different networking environments is described. Expand
Privacy preserving social networking through decentralization
This paper points to the centralized architecture of existing on-line social networks as the key privacy issue and suggests a solution that aims at avoiding any centralized control and leverages the trust relationships that are part of the social network application itself. Expand
ClouDedup: Secure Deduplication with Encrypted Data for Cloud Storage
ClouDedup is proposed, a secure and efficient storage service which assures block-level deduplication and data confidentiality at the same time and remains secure thanks to the definition of a component that implements an additional encryption operation and an access control mechanism. Expand
Untraceability in mobile networks
This paper presents a classification scheme to identify the various degrees of untraceability requirements, and presents an efficient method for the computation of aliases and applies it to a new set of inter-domain authentication protocols, demonstrating that these protocols can be designed to meet various degree of unt traceability requirements. Expand
IDAMN: An Intrusion Detection Architecture for Mobile Networks
The main novelty of the IDAMN architecture is its ability to perform intrusion detection in the visited location and within the duration of a typical call, as opposed to existing designs that require the reporting of all call data to the home location in order to perform the actual detection. Expand