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Magnetic monopoles in spin ice
This work proposes that magnetic monopoles emerge in a class of exotic magnets known collectively as spin ice: the dipole moment of the underlying electronic degrees of freedom fractionalises into monopoles, which would account for a mysterious phase transition observed experimentally in spin ice in a magnetic field. Expand
Phase Structure of Driven Quantum Systems.
It is shown that their disordered Floquet many-body localized counterparts can exhibit distinct ordered phases delineated by sharp transitions, and these are analogs of equilibrium states with broken symmetries and topological order. Expand
Resonating valence bond phase in the triangular lattice quantum dimer model.
The quantum dimer model on the triangular lattice is studied, which is expected to describe the singlet dynamics of frustrated Heisenberg models in phases where valence bond configurations dominate their physics, and it is found that there is a truly short ranged resonating valence Bond phase with no gapless excitations and with deconfined, gapped, spinons for a finite range of parameters. Expand
Proximate Kitaev quantum spin liquid behaviour in a honeycomb magnet.
The excitation spectrum of α-RuCl3 is proposed as a prime candidate for fractionalized Kitaev physics, and dynamical response measurements above interlayer energy scales are naturally accounted for in terms of deconfinement physics expected for QSLs. Expand
Finite-size scaling of eigenstate thermalization.
This work presents numerical evidence that for generic nonintegrable systems these fluctuations scale with a universal power law D-1/2 with the dimension D of the Hilbert space and provides heuristic arguments, in the same spirit as the ETH, to explain this universal result. Expand
One-dimensional symmetry protected topological phases and their transitions
We present a unified perspective on symmetry protected topological (SPT) phases in one dimension and address the open question of what characterizes their phase transitions. In the first part of thisExpand
Ising models of quantum frustration
We report on a systematic study of two-dimensional, periodic, frustrated Ising models with quantum dynamics introduced via a transverse magnetic field. The systems studied are the triangular andExpand
Properties of a classical spin liquid: the Heisenberg pyrochlore antiferromagnet
We study the low-temperature behavior of the classical Heisenberg antiferromagnet with nearest neighbor interactions on the pyrochlore lattice. Because of geometrical frustration, the ground state ofExpand
Dynamics of a Two-Dimensional Quantum Spin Liquid: Signatures of Emergent Majorana Fermions and Fluxes
We provide a complete and exact theoretical study of the dynamical structure factor of a twodimensional quantum spin liquid in gapless and gapped phases, as realized in Kitaev’s honeycomb model. WeExpand
Magnetic multipole analysis of kagome and artificial spin-ice dipolar arrays
We analyse an array of linearly extended monodomain dipoles forming square and kagome lattices. We find that its phase diagram contains two (distinct) finite-entropy kagome ice regimes - oneExpand