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The current and future management of wild mammals hunted with dogs in England and Wales.
The results of a questionnaire study report the use, effectiveness and acceptability of the different methods currently used to manage these four species, and future changes in management following a possible ban on hunting with dogs. Expand
The Theology of the Book of Genesis
1. What is a 'theology of Genesis'? 2. On reading Genesis 1-11 3. Genesis 1: picturing the world 4. Genesis 2-3: Adam and Eve and 'the fall' 5. Genesis 4: Cain and Abel 6. Genesis 6-9: cataclysm andExpand
Mortality due to fox predation in free-range poultry flocks in Britain
It is suggested that changes in farm management would be the most cost-effective means of reducing fox predation, rather than greater fox control. Expand
Relationship Formation and Relational Control as Correlates of Psychotherapy Quality and Outcome.
This study examined the nature of therapist-client interactions within and across seven psychotherapy cases (a) to test whether therapeutic outcome is a function of a transition from relationalExpand
The Bible, Theology, and Faith: A Study of Abraham and Jesus
1. The Bible, the question of God, and Christian faith 2. Christ as the key to scripture: the journey to Emmaus 3. Abraham and God in Genesis 22 4. Ancient and modern interpretations of Genesis 22 5.Expand
Does God Lie to His Prophets? The Story of Micaiah ben Imlah As a Test Case
  • R. Moberly
  • Philosophy
  • Harvard Theological Review
  • 1 January 2003
The understanding of Hebrew prophecy has made great advances in modern biblical scholarship. To be sure, such is the diversity and complexity both of prophetic texts within the Hebrew canon and ofExpand