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Biodiversity hotspots for conservation priorities
Conservationists are far from able to assist all species under threat, if only for lack of funding. This places a premium on priorities: how can we support the most species at the least cost? One wayExpand
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Wilderness and biodiversity conservation
Human pressure threatens many species and ecosystems, so conservation efforts necessarily prioritize saving them. However, conservation should clearly be proactive wherever possible. In this article,Expand
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2000 IUCN red list of threatened species
The 2000 Red List combines animals and plants into a single list containing assessments of more that 18,000 taxa. A large number of species has been reassessed and there has been a significantExpand
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Global Biodiversity Conservation Priorities
The location of and threats to biodiversity are distributed unevenly, so prioritization is essential to minimize biodiversity loss. To address this need, biodiversity conservation organizations haveExpand
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The Status of the World's Land and Marine Mammals: Diversity, Threat, and Knowledge
Knowledge of mammalian diversity is still surprisingly disparate, both regionally and taxonomically. Here, we present a comprehensive assessment of the conservation status and distribution of theExpand
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Conserving the World's Biological Diversity
The 1990s may be the last decade during which constructive and creative decisions, activities, and investments can be made to ensure that many of the world's species and ecosystems are maintained,Expand
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Lemurs of Madagascar
The third edition of this title has been designed for easy use and to be an indispensable companion for the ecotourist, and especially for the primate-watcher. The 101 lemur species and subspeciesExpand
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The Impact of Conservation on the Status of the World’s Vertebrates
Assessing Biodiversity Declines Understanding human impact on biodiversity depends on sound quantitative projection. Pereira et al. (p. 1496, published online 26 October) review quantitativeExpand
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Impending extinction crisis of the world’s primates: Why primates matter
Impending extinction of the world’s primates due to human activities; immediate global attention is needed to reverse the trend. Nonhuman primates, our closest biological relatives, play importantExpand
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Lista anotada dos mamíferos do Brasil
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