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Closed-form expressions for distribution of sum of exponential random variables
In many systems which are composed of components with exponentially distributed lifetimes, the system failure time can be expressed as a sum of exponentially distributed random variables. A previousExpand
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A separable method for incorporating imperfect fault-coverage into combinatorial models
This paper presents a new method for incorporating imperfect FC (fault coverage) into a combinatorial model. Expand
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Optimal reliability of systems subject to imperfect fault-coverage
This paper maximizes the reliability of systems subjected to imperfect fault-coverage. The results include the effect of common-cause failures and 'maximum allowable spare limit'. The generalizedExpand
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Software reliability improvement through operational profile testing
  • S. Arora, R. Misra
  • Engineering
  • Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium…
  • 4 April 2005
In this paper a software which had undergone normal scheduled testing cycle of the company is taken up for testing through operational profile. Expand
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Software operational profile based test case allocation using fuzzy logic
We propose a generalized approach for the allocation of test cases, in which occurrence probability of operations obtained from FSOP are combined with the criticality of the operations using fuzzy inference system (FIS). Expand
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Reliability evaluation of flow networks considering multistate modelling of network elements
Abstract This paper presents a simple method for evaluating the reliability of a multistate flow network. A system is considered reliable only if it successfully transmits at least the requiredExpand
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Evaluation of probability mass function of flow in a communication network considering a multistate model of network links
This paper presents two efficient algorithms for exact evaluation of probability mass function (pmf) from source node to sink node of a large communication network considering a multistate capacityExpand
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Reliability Characteristics of k-out-of-n Warm Standby Systems
We study reliability characteristics of the k-out-of- n warm standby system with identical components subject to exponential lifetime distributions. Expand
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Availability and mean life time prediction of multistage degraded system with partial repairs
Abstract In some environments, components might not always fail fully, but can degrade, and there can be multiple stages of degradation. In such cases, the efficiency of the system may decrease.Expand
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An Enhanced Model for Early Software Reliability Prediction Using Software Engineering Metrics
  • K. Kumar, R. Misra
  • Computer Science
  • Second International Conference on Secure System…
  • 14 July 2008
A model for early software reliability prediction using software engineering metrics is proposed in this paper. Expand
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