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AIM: To evaluate the long-term results of conventional chemoradiotherapy and laparoscopic mesorectal excision in rectal adenocarcinoma patients without adjuvant therapy. METHODS: Patients withExpand
Enigmatic Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease: a comprehensive review.
KFD is an uncommon, self-limited, and perhaps underdiagnosed process with an excellent prognosis, particularly because KFD can be mistaken for malignant lymphoma. Expand
Peginterferon alfa-2b plus ribavirin compared with interferon alfa-2b plus ribavirin for treatment of HIV/HCV co-infected patients
PEG-INF +RBV was significantly more effective than INF + RBV for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C in HIV co-infected patients, mainly of genotype 1 or 4. Expand
Protein Kinase C θ Is Highly Expressed in Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors But Not in Other Mesenchymal Neoplasias
The results show that PKC-θ is easily detected by immunohistochemistry in GIST specimens and that it could be a sensitive and specific marker for the diagnosis of this malignancy. Expand
MRI angiography is superior to helical CT for detection of HCC prior to liver transplantation: An explant correlation
MRI angiography has a high diagnostic accuracy for HCC ⩾ 10 mm and is more sensitive than triphasic helical CT in nodules sized 10 to 20 mm, and MRA is the optimal technique for H CC staging prior to curative therapies. Expand
A histologic scoring system for prognosis of patients with alcoholic hepatitis.
A histologic scoring system to predict short-term mortality of patients with alcoholic hepatitis (AH) and developed a patient classification system that might be used in clinical decision making are developed. Expand
Hepatic venous pressure gradient identifies patients at risk of severe hepatitis C recurrence after liver transplantation
Although the presence of significant fibrosis 1 year after transplantation was good to predict clinical decompensation, an HVPG of 6 mm Hg or greater was extremely accurate at identifying patients at risk of disease progression (AUC: 0.96), in conclusion, HV PG determination is a valuable tool for follow‐up in patients with HCV recurrence after LT. Expand
A New Scoring System for Prognostic Stratification of Patients With Alcoholic Hepatitis
The ABIC score is a new tool that allows the stratification of risk of death in patients with AH at 90 days and 1 yr. Expand
The use of liver biopsy evaluation in discrimination of idiopathic autoimmune hepatitis versus drug‐induced liver injury
Although an overlap of histologic findings exists for AIH and DILI, sufficient differences exist so that pathologists can use the pattern of injury to suggest the correct diagnosis. Expand
Beneficial effects of sorafenib on splanchnic, intrahepatic, and portocollateral circulations in portal hypertensive and cirrhotic rats
Sorafenib administered orally once a day for 2 weeks in experimental models of portal hypertension and cirrhosis effectively inhibited VEGF, PDGF, and Raf signaling pathways, and produced several protective effects by inducing an approximately 80% decrease in splanchnic neovascularization and a marked attenuation of hyperdynamic splan Schnic and systemic circulations. Expand