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Adiponectin levels in women with polycystic ovary syndrome.
The results confirm that adiponectin concentrations change according to variations of fat mass and suggest that insulin sensitivity per se probably does not play any pivotal role in the control of adiponECTin levels in PCOS women.
A combination of polymorphisms in HSD11B1 associates with in vivo 11{beta}-HSD1 activity and metabolic syndrome in women with and without polycystic ovary syndrome.
In a population of Southern European Caucasian women with and without PCOS, alleles of HSD11B1 containing the two SNPs rs846910 A and rs12086634 T confer increased 11β-HSD1 expression and activity, which associates with the metabolic syndrome.
Ultrasound in polycystic ovary syndrome--the measuring of ovarian stroma and relationship with circulating androgens: results of a multicentric study.
This work underlines the importance of stroma measure in improving US diagnosis of PCOS and suggests that this parameter may be used in routine clinical practice as well as verifying the feasibility of S/A ratio in predicting hyperandrogenism in PCOS.
Evidence for the involvement of sperm angiotensin converting enzyme in fertilization.
Evidence is provided that sperm release of ACE during capacitation may have a physiological role in the regulation of the mechanisms that allow sperm acrosome reaction and thus fertilizability.
Evidence for the presence of glucose transporter 4 in the endometrium and its regulation in polycystic ovary syndrome patients.
It is demonstrated that GLUT4 is present in the endometrium of normal and PCOS subjects and that hyperinsulinism and obesity seem to have a negative effect on endometrialGLUT4 expression in PCOS.
Personality and Psychiatric Disorders in Women Affected by Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
PCOS women have relevant personality and psychiatric disorders, when compared with normal subjects, as verified by the Rorschach test.
Effects of successful renal transplantation on left ventricular mass.
Sertoli–Leydig cell tumors: current status of surgical management: literature review and proposal of treatment
The analysis shows that pelvic ultrasound is primary diagnostic procedure, and only 36% of publications clearly describe to have performed more specific investigation, and laparoscopic surgery should be the approach of choice for these patients.
Insulin receptor and glucose transporters mRNA expression throughout the menstrual cycle in human endometrium: aphysiological and cyclical condition of tissue insulin resistance
The data suggest that IR, glucose transporters and IGFs are significantly and differently expressed at the endometrial level throughout the menstrual cycle and that human endometrium cyclically undergoes through a transitory condition from normal to an insulin-resistance state.
Obesity Reduces the Expression of GLUT4 in the Endometrium of Normoinsulinemic Women Affected by the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
The similar results in lean PCOS and control subjects suggest that endometrial GLUT4 expression is not affected by PCOS itself, whereas it is reduced by obesity in PCOS patients.