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Stimulatory Effects of α-hANP on Testosterone Secretion in Man
Several recent observations suggest that atrial natriuretic peptides (ANP) can modulate steroidogenesis in isolated rat Leydig cells. At present, it is unknown whether ANP influence human testicularExpand
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Titratable acidity: A Pitts concept revisited
  • R. Mioni, G. Mioni
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Scandinavian journal of clinical and laboratory…
  • 1 August 2014
Abstract Titratable Acidity (TA) in urine can be measured directly or calculated from actual and reference pH, by using the pKa2 6,8 for phosphate. In urine, H2PO4− represents the excretion ofExpand
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Acid production and base balance in patients on chronic haemodialysis.
Acid generation and elimination processes were compared with total base (bicarbonate plus metabolizable anions) turnover in 18 anuric patients undergoing post-dilutional haemofiltration. The studyExpand
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Balance of non-metabolizable base in continuous peritoneal dialysis patients.
Acid generation and elimination processes compared to titratable non-metabolizable base (NaOH equivalents, NB) turnover in end-stage renal disease patients are examined in the light of the Law ofExpand
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A mathematical model of pH, based on the total stoichiometric concentration of acids, bases and ampholytes dissolved in water*
  • R. Mioni, G. Mioni
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • Scandinavian journal of clinical and laboratory…
  • 24 July 2015
In chemistry and in acid-base physiology, the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation plays a pivotal role in studying the behaviour of the buffer solutions. However, it seems that the general function toExpand
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[Nutrition, acid-base metabolism, cation-anion difference and total base balance in humans].
The relationship between dietary intake and acid-base metabolism has been investigated in the past by means of the inorganic cation-anion difference (C(+)(nm)-A(-)(nm)) method based on dietaryExpand
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[Stewart's quantitative approach to the acid-base balance].
Old and new approaches to the interpretation of acid-base metabolism, starting from historical data applied to diabetic acidosis
Abstract The approach to acid-base chemistry in medicine includes several methods. Currently, the two most popular procedures are derived from Stewart’s studies and from the bicarbonate/BE-basedExpand