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K theory and Ramond-Ramond charge
We discuss the relation between the Ramond-Ramond charges of D-branes and the topology of Chan-Paton vector bundles. We show that a topologically nontrivial normal bundle induces RR charge and thatExpand
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Generalized structures of N=1 vacua
We characterize = 1 vacua of type-II theories in terms of generalized complex structure on the internal manifold M. The structure group of T(M)⊕T*(M) being SU(3) × SU(3) implies the existence of twoExpand
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The baryonic branch of Klebanov-Strassler solution: a supersymmetric family of SU(3) structure backgrounds
We exhibit a one-parameter family of regular supersymmetric solutions of type IIB theory that describes the baryonic branch of the Klebanov-Strassler (KS) theory. The solution is obtained by applyingExpand
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Eleven-dimensional origin of string-string duality: A One loop test
Abstract Membrane/ fivebrane duality in D = 11 implies Type IIA string/Type IIA fivebrane duality in D = 10, which in turn implies Type HA string/heterotic string duality in D = 6. To test theExpand
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Nonlinear instantons from supersymmetric p-branes
Supersymmetric configurations of type II D-branes with nonzero gauge field strengths in general supersymmetric backgrounds with nonzero B fields are analyzed using the kappa-symmetric worldvolumeExpand
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A scan for new N = 1 vacua on twisted tori
We perform a systematic search for N = 1 Minkowski vacua of type II string theories on compact six–dimensional parallelizable nil– and solvmanifolds (quotients of six–dimensional nilpotent andExpand
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T-duality, generalized geometry and non-geometric backgrounds
We discuss the action of O(d,d), and in particular T-duality, in the context of generalized geometry, focusing on the description of so-called non-geometric backgrounds. We derive local expressionsExpand
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Non-abelian tensor-multiplet anomalies
We use the anomaly cancellation of the M-theory fivebrane to derive the R-symmetry anomalies of the AN (0,2) tensor-multiplet theories. This result leads to a simple derivation of black hole entropyExpand
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Supersymmetric backgrounds from generalized Calabi‐Yau manifolds
We show that the supersymmetry transformations for type II string theories on six-manifolds can be written as differential conditions on a pair of pure spinors, the exponentiated Kahler form eiJ andExpand
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String loop corrections to the universal hypermultiplet
We study loop corrections to the universal dilaton supermultiplet for type IIA strings compactified on Calabi-Yau threefolds. We show that the corresponding quaternionic kinetic terms receiveExpand
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