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Evaluation of equilibrium and non-equilibrium evaporation models for many-droplet gas-liquid flow simulations
A variety of liquid droplet evaporation models, including both classical equilibrium and non-equilibrium Langmuir–Knudsen formulations, are evaluated through comparisons with experiments withExpand
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A Generalized Biomass Pyrolysis Model Based on Superimposed Cellulose, Hemicelluloseand Liqnin Kinetics
The pyrolysis of general biomass materials is modeled via a superposition of cellulose, hemi-cellulose and lignin kinetics. All three of the primary biomass components are modeled with multi-stepExpand
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Direct numerical simulation of a confined three-dimensional gas mixing layer with one evaporating hydrocarbon-droplet-laden stream
Direct numerical simulations are performed of a confined three-dimensional, temporally developing, initially isothermal gas mixing layer with one stream laden with as many as 7.3×10 5 evaporatingExpand
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Pattern and Process in Competition
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses the development of competition theory, which has traditionally included three stages: inferences drawn from observation of natural populations, constructionExpand
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Observation of a neutrino burst from supernova SN 1987A.
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Identifying populations potentially exposed to agricultural pesticides using remote sensing and a Geographic Information System.
Pesticides used in agriculture may cause adverse health effects among the population living near agricultural areas. However, identifying the populations most likely to be exposed is difficult. WeExpand
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Direct numerical simulations of supercritical fluid mixing layers applied to heptane–nitrogen
Direct numerical simulations (DNS) are conducted of a model hydrocarbon{nitrogen mixing layer under supercritical conditions. The temporally developing mixing layer conguration is studied usingExpand
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Ecology and Distribution of Pocket Gophers (Geomyidae) in Colorado
The general distribution of the family geomyidae in North America is limited only by suitable soils, although a particular species may be also be limited by climatic or other factors associated withExpand
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