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A Systematic Study of the Greenside Darter, Etheostoma blennioides Rafinesque (Pisces: Percidae)
A study of infraspecific variation was based on more than 4000 specimens from approximately 540 series, taken throughout the range of Etheostoma blennioides. On the basis of scale and fin-ray counts,Expand
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Constancy of Epibranchial Organs and Fourth Epibranchial Bones within Species Groups of Clupeid Fishes
The structure of epibranchial organs and the shape of the fourth epibranchial bones in clupeid fishes reflect phylogenetic relationships on the species group or generic level. Distinctive bone shapesExpand
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Social Status and Socioempathic Differences among mentally superior, mentally typical, and mentally retarded children
TH E last two or three decades have witnessed some very important and fundamental changes in educational theory and practice in the United States, one of which is the growing recognition of andExpand
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Growth of the Northern Fur Seal Colony on Bogoslof Island, Alaska
Northern fur seal, Callorhinus ursinus , pups were first observed on Bogoslof Island, southeast Bering Sea, in 1980. By 1988 the population had grown at a rate of 57%/yr to over 400 individuals,Expand
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The egg and larval development of Atlantic thread herring, Opisthonema oglinum, is described, based on wild.caught eggs and laboratory-reared larvae. This description includes morphological detailsExpand
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Gray whales (Eschrichtius robustus) in the western Chukchi and East Siberian seas
During joint Soviet-American shipboard surveys in autumn 1979 and 1980, numerous sightings of gray whales ( Eschrichtius robustus ) were made in the western Chukchi and East Siberian seas. GrayExpand
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Biological chemistry of aluminium studied using 26Al and accelerator mass spectrometry
Abstract Developments in sample preparation and presentation for accelerator mass spectrometry now permit the determination of 26 Al/ 27 Al ratios in biological materials with an accuracy of ca. 2%.Expand
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Seasonal Movements of Striped Bass, Roccus saxatilis (Walbaum), Tagged and Released in the Potomac River, Maryland, 1959-61'
During 1959–61, 8,793 striped, bass,Roccus saxatilis (Walbaum), were tagged and released in the Potomac River, Maryland. Of the 3,344 (37.3%) recaptured, 98.0% were taken in the Maryland part ofExpand
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