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Simultaneous modeling of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics: application to d-tubocurarine.
We propose a model of drug pharmacodynamic response that when integrated with a pharmacokinetic model allows characterization of the temporal aspects of pharmacodynamics as well as theExpand
A family of fibrinogen-related proteins that precipitates parasite-derived molecules is produced by an invertebrate after infection.
Three different cDNAs with sequence similarities to peptides derived from the 65-kDa lectins were obtained and unexpectedly found to encode fibrinogen-related proteins (FREPs) and these FREPs contained regions with sequence similarity to Ig superfamily members. Expand
Computed tomographic study of the common cold.
The common cold is associated with frequent and variable anatomical involvement of the upper airways, including occlusion and abnormalities in the sinus cavities. Expand
Increased tight junctional permeability is associated with the development of colon cancer.
Results showed that increased TJ permeability of the colon epithelium and consequently a decrease in epithelial barrier function precede the development of colon tumors. Expand
Persistent paralysis in critically ill patients after long-term administration of vecuronium.
Prolonged neuromuscular blockade after the termination of long-term treatment with vecuronium is associated with metabolic acidosis, elevated plasma magnesium concentrations, female sex, and probably more important, the presence of renal failure and high plasma concentrations of 3-desacetylveCuronium. Expand
Intermediary metabolism in Legionella pneumophila: utilization of amino acids and other compounds as energy sources
Radiorespirometry of differentially labeled [14C]glucose indicated that this compound was metabolized primarily by the pentose phosphate and Entner-Doudoroff pathways rather than by the glycolytic pathway. Expand
The pathology and pathogenicity of a novel Haemoproteus spp. infection in wild Little Penguins (Eudyptula minor).
This is the first study to demonstrate both the in situ presence of the Haemoproteus parasite in any member of the Sphensicidae family and mortality due to its presence and the involvement of anomalous environmental conditions in a potential increase in local vectors. Expand
The HAP3 regulatory locus of Saccharomyces cerevisiae encodes divergent overlapping transcripts.
Synthesis of the 144-amino-acid protein under regulatory control in vivo demonstrated that this protein is essential for activity of UAS2 as well as for growth on nonfermentable carbon sources. Expand
Nigrostriatal collaterals to thalamus degenerate in parkinsonian animal models
Individual mesencephalic dopamine neurons have the potential to modulate normal and pathologic behavior not only through traditional nigrostriatal pathways but also by way of axon collaterals that innervate the thalamus. Expand
Sleep Fragmentation and Motor Restlessness in a Drosophila Model of Restless Legs Syndrome
It is reported that loss of the Drosophila homolog CG1826 (dBTBD9) appreciably disrupts sleep with concomitant increases in waking and motor activity and it is shown that BTBD9 regulates brain dopamine levels in flies and controls iron homeostasis through the iron regulatory protein-2 in human cell lines. Expand