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The state in capitalist society
Presenting a sustained and concrete challenge to the current political consensus, this reference identifies the radical alternative of adopting socialism as the key issue facing civilization and theExpand
A Dictionary of Marxist Thought
Preface. List of Contributors. Editor's Introduction to the New Edition. A Dictionary of Marxist Thought. . Bibliography. Index
Socialism for a Sceptical Age
Introduction. 1. The Case Against Capitalism. 2. Socialist Aspirations. 3. Mechanisms of Democracy. 4. The Mixed Economy, Socialist Style. 5. Constituencies, Agencies, Strategies. 6. The Politics ofExpand
Divided Societies: Class Struggle in Contemporary Capitalism
Introduction Class and power in contemporary capitalism The politics of class struggle, I New social movements and class struggle The politics of class struggle, II The international dimension ofExpand
Parliamentary Socialism: A Study in the Politics of Labour
One of the seminal texts of the British New Left Leo Panitch Parliamentary Socialism presents a detailed and scholarly record of the Labour Party's thinking and of its role in British politics fromExpand
Marx And The State
As in the case of so many other aspects of Marx's work, what he thought about the state has more often than not come to be seen through the prism of later interpretations and adaptations. These haveExpand
The Coup in Chile
What happened in Chile on 11 September 1973 did not suddenly reveal anything new about the ways in which men of power and privilege seek to protect their social order: the history of the last 150Expand
Class power and state power