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[Pregnancy dermatoses].
Dermatoses of pregnancy are relatively rare. The terminology becomes increasingly confusing, as only few of these skin eruptions are proved entities. Apart from pruritus gravidarum and herpesExpand
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Chlamydia trachomatis and male infertility: chlamydia‐IgA antibodies in seminal plasma are C. trachomatis specific and associated with an inflammatory response 1
There is controversy over the role of asymptomatic genital tract infection by Chlamydia trachomatis, its optimal diagnosis, and its place in the etiology of male infertility.
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Lobomycosis (keloidal blastomycosis): case reports and overview.
Lobomycosis is a deep fungal disease of the skin without involvement of internal organs or mucous membranes. The disease is characterized by skin nodules and plaques resembling keloid involving theExpand
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Prevalence of hepatitis C virus antibodies and evaluation of hepatitis C virus genotypes in patients with lichen planus.
BACKGROUND Several cases of lichen planus (LP) associated with hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection have been described. The reported prevalence rates of anti-HCV in patients with LP show wideExpand
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[Therapy of oral hairy leukoplakia with acyclovir].
Oral hairy leukoplakia was treated in six patients with (a) acyclovir (i.v. or p.o.), (b) 0.1% vitamin-A acid solution or (c) human beta-interferon-gel (10(5) I.E./g) in a total of 23 therapeuticExpand
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Oxidative imbalance in HIV infected patients.
We present an outline of the complex interplay of oxidants and antioxidants in infectious diseases in general, and in particular with reference to the HIV infection, and subsequent opportunisticExpand
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Nitroxide radical biostability in skin.
Nitroxide radicals are important chemical tools in dermatologic research (e.g., for studying biophysical properties of skin lipids and epidermal membranes with the method of electron paramagneticExpand
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[Facial kaposi's sarcoma. Palliative treatment with cryotherapy, intralesional chemotherapy, low-dose roentgen therapy and camouflage].
Facial Kaposi's sarcoma is a severe psychological problem for HIV-infected patients if systemic chemotherapy or interferon therapy is not possible. To help these patients, it is important to offer aExpand
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[Current therapeutic possibilities in cutaneous larva migrans].
The recommendations for the treatment of cutaneous larva migrans are not uniform, and the recommended methods are neither always available nor always effective. If only the skin is affected,Expand
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