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Degrees of freedom of f(T) gravity
We investigate the Hamiltonian formulation of f(T) gravity and find that there are five degrees of freedom. The six first class constraints corresponding to the local Lorentz transformation in
Holographic entanglement entropy for the most general higher derivative gravity
A bstractThe holographic entanglement entropy for the most general higher derivative gravity is investigated. We find a new type of Wald entropy, which appears on entangling surface without the
Universality for shape dependence of Casimir effects from Weyl anomaly
A bstractWe reveal elegant relations between the shape dependence of the Casimir effects and Weyl anomaly in boundary conformal field theories (BCFT). We show that for any BCFT which has a
Violation of the first law of black hole thermodynamics in f(T) gravity
We prove that, in general the first law of black hole thermodynamnics, delta Q = T delta S, is violated in f(T) gravity. As a result, it is possible that there exists entropy production, which
Universality in the shape dependence of holographic Rényi entropy for general higher derivative gravity
A bstractWe consider higher derivative gravity and obtain universal relations for the shape coefficients (fa, fb, fc) of the shape dependent universal part of the Rényi entropy for four dimensional
A note on holographic Weyl anomaly and entanglement entropy
We develop a general approach to simplify the derivation of the holographic Weyl anomaly. As an application, we derive the holographic Weyl anomaly from general higher derivative gravity in
A holographic proof of the universality of corner entanglement for CFTs
A bstractThere appears a universal logarithmic term of entanglement entropy, i.e., −a(Ω)log(H/δ), for 3d CFTs when the entangling surface has a sharp corner. a(Ω) is a function of the corner opening
Universal terms of entanglement entropy for 6d CFTs
A bstractWe derive the universal terms of entanglement entropy for 6d CFTs by applying the holographic and the field theoretical approaches, respectively. Our formulas are conformal invariant and
A New Proposal for Holographic BCFT
We propose a new holographic dual of conformal field theory defined on a manifold with boundaries, i.e. BCFT. Our proposal can apply to general boundaries and agrees with arXiv: 1105.5165 for the