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A handbook of varieties of English : a multimedia reference tool
The Handbook is by far the most thorough reference work on phonology and the first-ever comprehensive overview of the morphology and syntax of varieties of English in the world. Expand
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English in Language Shift: The History, Structure and Sociolinguistics of South African Indian English
Preface Acknowledgements 1. Historical background: the shaping of a New English 2. Variation in SAIE: a first glimpse 3. Syntactic variation: the relative clause 4. Word-order principles 5.Expand
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A lexicon of South African Indian English
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"I've been speaking Tsotsitaal all my life without knowing it": Towards a unified account of tsotsitaals in South Africa.
This chapter focuses on varieties that flourish in South African townships with names like Tsotsitaal, Flaaitaal, Iscamtho, Gamtaal etc. Some speakers and scholars argue that these are new languagesExpand
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Ghanaian English: phonology
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Concise Encyclopedia of Sociolinguistics.
Section headings: Foundations of society and language. Language and interaction. Language Variation: style, situation, function. Language variation and change: dialects and social groups. LanguageExpand
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The Cambridge handbook of sociolinguistics
Introduction: the sociolinguistic enterprise Rajend Mesthrie Part I. Foundations of Sociolinguistics: 1. Power, social differentiation and language John Baugh 2. Linguistic anthropology AlessandroExpand
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A Dictionary of Sociolinguistics
The first comprehensive dictionary of the field of sociolinguistics, this is a valuable reference book for students and teachers of sociolinguistics, others concerned with the socially-oriented studyExpand
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Language Shift, Cultural Change and Identity Retention: Indian South Africans in the 1960s and Beyond
Language shift is not a new phenomenon in South Africa: the most significant shifts in the last few centuries have been from Khoe-San languages and Malay to Afrikaans in the Western Cape's ColouredExpand
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Necessary Versus Sufficient Conditions for Using New Languages in South African Higher Education: A Linguistic Appraisal1
Abstract This paper critically examines one particular issue against the background of changes in South Africa's higher education system consequent upon the advent of a non-racial democracy – theExpand
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