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The Mathematics of Statistical Machine Translation: Parameter Estimation
We describe a series of five statistical models of the translation process and give algorithms for estimating the parameters of these models given a set of pairs of sentences that are translations ofExpand
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Class-Based n-gram Models of Natural Language
We address the problem of predicting a word from previous words in a sample of text. In particular, we discuss n-gram models based on classes of words. We also discuss several statistical algorithmsExpand
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A Statistical Approach to Machine Translation
In this paper, we present a statistical approach to machine translation. We describe the application of our approach to translation from French to English and give preliminary results.
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Maximum mutual information estimation of hidden Markov model parameters for speech recognition
A method for estimating the parameters of hidden Markov models of speech is described. Parameter values are chosen to maximize the mutual information between an acoustic observation sequence and theExpand
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A Maximum Likelihood Approach to Continuous Speech Recognition
Speech recognition is formulated as a problem of maximum likelihood decoding. This formulation requires statistical models of the speech production process. In this paper, we describe a number ofExpand
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Aligning Sentences in Parallel Corpora
In this paper we describe a statistical technique for aligning sentences with their translations in two parallel corpora. In addition to certain anchor points that are available in our data, the onlyExpand
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A statistical approach to language translation
An approach to automatic translation is outlined that utilizes techniques of statistical information extraction from large data bases. The method is based on the availability of pairs of largeExpand
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An Estimate of an Upper Bound for the Entropy of English
We present an estimate of an upper bound of 1.75 bits for the entropy of characters in printed English, obtained by constructing a word trigram model and then computing the cross-entropy between thisExpand
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Word-Sense Disambiguation Using Statistical Methods
We describe a statistical technique for assigning senses to words. An instance of a word is assigned a sense by asking a question about the context in which the word appears. The question isExpand
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