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Prevalence of homozygosity for the deleted alleles of glutathione S‐transferase mu (GSTMl) and theta (GSTTl) among distinct ethnic groutx from Brazil: relevance to enviromental carcinogenesis?
Arruda VR, Grignolli CE, Goncalves MS, Soares MC, Menezes R, Saad STO, Costa FF. Prevalence of homozygosity for the deleted alleles of glutathione S‐transferase mu (GSTMl) and theta (GSTTl) amongExpand
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Prevalence of the mutation C677 --> T in the methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase gene among distinct ethnic groups in Brazil.
Vascular disease is a serious public health problem in the industrialized world, and is a frequent cause of death among the adult population of Brazil. Mild hyperhomocysteinemia has been identifiedExpand
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Mutation analysis of the HFE gene in Brazilian populations.
We analyzed the frequency of the C282Y and H63D mutations in the HFE gene in 227 individuals from Brazil comprising 71 Caucasians, 91 racially mixed Caucasian African-derived Amerindians (bothExpand
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Parasitismo intestinal em uma aldeia indígena Parakanã, sudeste do Estado do Pará, Brasil
O trabalho visa estudar a ocorrencia e os aspectos epidemiologicos do parasitismo intestinal na aldeia Paranatinga da tribo indigena Parakana, Amazonia Oriental Brasileira. Foram realizados doisExpand
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Evolução do estado nutricional de menores de 5 anos em aldeias indígenas da Tribo Parakanã, na Amazônia Oriental Brasileira (1989-1991)
Foi estudada a recente evolucao do estado nutricional de menores de 5 anos nas aldeias Parakana, Maroxewara e Paranatinga. Dados antropometricos (peso, altura) foram obtidos em tres estudosExpand
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ABO blood group in Amerindians from Brazilian Amazon
Background : The Parakanã is a group of Indians with cultural similarities to the extinct Tupi group. They are an isolated native population from East Brazilian Amazon. A number of different OExpand
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Epidemiologia dos vírus das hepatites B, C e D na Tribo Indígena Parakaná, Amazônia Oriental Brasileira
Este estudo visa a estabelecer a prevalenka das infeqoes pelos virus das hepatites B, C e D (HBV HCV e HDV) e discutir a transmissao dos mesmos na tribo indigena parakana, do Estado do Para, Brasil.Expand
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Prevalência de parasitismo intestinal nas aldeias indígenas da tribo Tembé, Amazônia Oriental Brasileira
To determine the prevalence of intestinal parasitism in the Tembe settlements, parasitological examination was performed in December 1996 in the entire population (93 Indians). Hookworms were foundExpand
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Genetic variability of platelet glycoprotein Ibα gene
Platelet membrane glycoprotein (GP) Ibα is a critical component of platelet adhesion complex to subendothelium structures following tissue injury or pathological surfaces, such as atheroscleroticExpand
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