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On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems
Data modelling versus ontology engineering
The DOGMA ontology engineering approach is introduced that separates "atomic" conceptual relations from "predicative" domain rules and a layer of "relatively generic" ontological commitments that hold the domain rules. Expand
On Using Conceptual Data Modeling for Ontology Engineering
An ontology engineering-framework that enables reusing conceptual modeling approaches in modeling and representing ontologies, and an ontology-engineering tool that implements the ideas presented in the paper. Expand
Ontology Engineering - The DOGMA Approach
This chapter presents a methodological framework for ontology engineering (called DOGMA), which is aimed to guide ontology builders towards building ontologies that are both highly reusable andExpand
Ontologies and Databases: More than a Fleeting Resemblance
The ORM (Ob jectRole Modeling) method, or rather its precursor NIAM, with its rigorous distinction and handling of so-called lexical and non-lexical knowledge proved to be an interesting candidate to help identify and clarify a number of these issues. Expand
On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems 2004: CoopIS, DOA, and ODBASE
The role of Foundational Ontologies in Manufacturing Domain Applications and Intellectual Property Rights Management using a Semantic Web Information System are discussed. Expand
On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems 2002: CoopIS, DOA, and ODBASE
Developing Evolutionary Cost Models for Query Optimization in a Dynamic Multidatabase Environment and a Conceptual Markup Language That Supports Interoperability between Business Rule Modeling Systems are presented. Expand
Formal Ontology Engineering in the DOGMA Approach
This paper presents a specifically database-inspired approach (called DOGMA) for engineering formal ontologies, implemented as shared resources used to express agreed formal semantics for a real world domain, and claims it leads to methodological approaches that naturally extend key aspects of database modeling theory and practice. Expand
An ontology engineering methodology for DOGMA
This paper wants to present an integrated methodology for ontology engineering from scratch, inspired by various scientific disciplines, in particular database semantics and natural language processing. Expand
SDRule Markup Language: Towards Modeling and Interchanging Ontological Commitments for Semantic Decision Making
This chapter tackles the problems of model-ing and interchanging ontological commitments in order to support ontology based decision making by means of an extension to Object Role Modeling Language (ORM), which is now named Semantic Decision Rule Language (SDRule-L). Expand