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Calibration of two objective measures of physical activity for children
Abstract A calibration study was conducted to determine the threshold counts for two commonly used accelerometers, the ActiGraph and the Actical, to classify activities by intensity in children 5 toExpand
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Defining accelerometer thresholds for activity intensities in adolescent girls.
PURPOSE To derive a regression equation that estimates metabolic equivalent (MET) from accelerometer counts, and to define thresholds of accelerometer counts that can be used to delineate sedentary,Expand
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Determinants of adolescent physical activity and inactivity patterns.
OBJECTIVES Despite recognition of the important influence of environmental determinants on physical activity patterns, minimal empirical research has been done to assess the impact ofExpand
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Energy costs of physical activities in children and adolescents.
PURPOSE The primary aim was to determine the energy expenditure (EE: kcal.kg(-1).h(-1)) in terms of caloric cost and metabolic equivalents of activities commonly performed by children andExpand
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Effects of graduated compression stockings on blood lactate following an exhaustive bout of exercise.
To determine the effects of wearing graduated compression stockings (GCS) on the exercise response, twelve high fit males served as subjects in a series of two experiments. The first experimentExpand
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The influence of physical activity, socioeconomic status, and ethnicity on the weight status of adolescents.
OBJECTIVE This study examined the effects of physical activity, television viewing, video game play, socioeconomic status (SES), and ethnicity on body mass index (BMI). RESEARCH METHODS ANDExpand
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A school-based intervention can reduce body fat and blood pressure in young adolescents.
PURPOSE To determine the effect of increasing the aerobic component of the school's physical activity program and improving the knowledge about weight control and blood pressure on the blood pressureExpand
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Adolescent physical activity and inactivity vary by ethnicity: The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health.
OBJECTIVES To determine the extent to which physical activity and inactivity patterns vary by ethnicity among subpopulations of US adolescents. STUDY DESIGN Nationally representative data from theExpand
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Effects of a school-based intervention to reduce cardiovascular disease risk factors in elementary-school children: the Cardiovascular Health in Children (CHIC) study.
OBJECTIVE To test a classroom-based intervention to reduce cardiovascular disease risk factors in elementary school children. STUDY DESIGN This was a randomized, controlled field trial in 12Expand
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Weekend and weekday patterns of physical activity in overweight and normal-weight adolescent girls.
OBJECTIVE To describe the patterns (specifically comparing weekdays and weekends classified by intensities) of physical activity (PA) measured by accelerometry in adolescent girls. RESEARCH METHODSExpand
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