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Assay of 855 test chemicals in ten tester strains using a new modification of the Ames test for bacterial mutagens.
Determination of mutagenic activity in bacterial systems has become accepted as an initial step in the evaluation of the carcinogenic potential of new chemicals. In this paper, a bacterial mutagenExpand
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Chemically-induced unscheduled DNA synthesis in primary rat hepatocyte cultures: a comparison with bacterial mutagenicity using 218 compounds.
The autoradiographic identification of unscheduled DNA synthesis (UDS) in primary cultures of adult rat hepatocytes (HPC) has been proposed as a predictive test for mutagens/carcinogens. To assessExpand
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Neuropathic pain in maxillofacial osteonecrosis.
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Local anesthetic effects in the presence of chronic osteomyelitis (necrosis) of the mandible: implications for localizing the etiologic sites of referred trigeminal pain.
The aims of this study were: (1) to demonstrate how reproducible variations in incomplete anesthesia of the inferior alveolar nerve can be used as a guide to locate the etiologic sites of referredExpand
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The nature of the metabolites of acetohexamide in the rat and in the human.
Evidence is presented which indicates that the hydroxyhexamide which Welles et a1. (1961) have shown to be the major metabolite of acetohexamide in humans has the L-configuration. Expand
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Use of stable isotope mixtures as a labeling technique in drug metabolism studies.
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The metabolism of drugs in isolated rat hepatocytes. A comparison with in vivo drug metabolism and drug metabolism in subcellular liver fractions.
The metabolism of drugs in isolated rat hepatocytes has been investigated. Drugs which are metabolized by aromatic hydrolation, aliphatic hydroylation, N-demethylation, or glucuronidation have beenExpand
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The N-hydroxylation and ring-hydroxylation of 4-aminobiphenyl in vitro by hepatic mono-oxygenases from rat, mouse, hamster, rabbit and guinea-pig.
1. An analytical h.p.l.c. method has been developed which permits the separation and quantification of the in vitro metabolites of 4-aminobiphenyl (4-ABP). The method employs gradient elution from aExpand
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The pathophysiology of alveolar osteonecrosis of the jaw: anticardiolipin antibodies, thrombophilia, and hypofibrinolysis.
We studied 55 patients (50 women, 5 men) with severe facial pain and biopsy-proven neuralgia-inducing cavitational osteonecrosis (NICO) of the alveolar bone of the jaws. Our aim was to assess theExpand
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