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Introduction to Aristotle
Includes the complete Posterior Analytics, De Anima, Nichomachean, Ethics, and Poetics with selections from Physics, Metaphysics, and Politics
Rhetoric in the Middle Ages
MEDIAEVAL and Renaissance rhetoricians and philosophers, following the example of Cicero, seldom omit from their treatment of rhetoric some consideration of the subject matter, nature, and end of theExpand
The Philosophic Bases of Art and Criticism
  • R. Mckeon
  • History
  • Modern Philology
  • 1 November 1943
EFERENCE to philosophic principles in special or technical discussions to expose erroneous assumptions and to establish common grounds for judgments of fact or value could not be justified easily byExpand
Literary Criticism and the Concept of Imitation in Antiquity
  • R. Mckeon
  • History
  • Modern Philology
  • 1 August 1936
HE term "imitation" is not prominent in the vocabulary of criticism today. In such use as it still has, it serves to segregate the bad from the good in art rather more frequently than to set theExpand
Character and the Arts and Disciplines
C HARACTER iS in part natural and modified by natural causes; it is in part acquired and developed. What a person is depends on antecedent abilities, sensitivities, and inclinations, and on theExpand
Principles and Consequences