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Houston, 2001
This article presents an overview of the Houston 2001 National Counseling Psychology Conference. The authors discuss the context for the 4th National Counseling Psychology Conference, documenttheExpand
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School Attachment: perspectives of low‐attached high school students
Abstract Attachment to school plays a vital role in the success or failure of today's middle and high school students. Many researchers identified attachment to school as contributing to studentExpand
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Stability and Change in Counseling Psychologists' Identities, Roles, Functions, and Career Satisfaction Across 15 Years
The authors examined changes in the profession of counseling psychology by comparing results of similar surveys of Society of Counseling Psychology (SCP) members administered 15 years apart (in 1985Expand
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The relation of individuation and psychosocial development.
In this study, the authors examined gender differences in levels of individuation, the relation of individuation and psychosocial development, and whether this relation is of a curvilinear nature.Expand
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Further Validation of the Psychotherapy Supervisor Development Scale
ABSTRACT Clinical supervisors “oversee” client care and transmit skills and knowledge of the profession to the next generation of psychologists. Given the large impact that supervisors have onExpand
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The Association Between Parenting Stress, Parenting Self-Efficacy, and the Clinical Significance of Child ADHD Symptom Change Following Behavior Therapy
We examined parenting stress (PST) and self-efficacy (PSE) following participation in behavioral parent training (BPT) with regard to child treatment response. Forty-three families of childrenExpand
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Counseling Psychology’s Ambivalent Relationship with Master’s-Level Training
Inspired by efforts by those who seek to redefine the practice of psychology as a master’s-level specialty, the authors examine counseling psychology’s heightened ambivalence regarding master’s-levelExpand
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Contracting for supervision
The changing job market has increased the demand for psychologists to serve as clinical supervisors of other mental health service providers; however, such supervisory arrangements inevitablyExpand
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