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Role for neuronally derived fractalkine in mediating interactions between neurons and CX3CR1-expressing microglia.
Mechanisms of cellular communication between neurons and microglia, involving fractalkine and CX3CR1, which occur in both normal and pathological states of the central nervous system are described. Expand
Neonatal maternal separation reduces hippocampal mossy fiber density in adult Long Evans rats
The results suggest that repeated, daily, 3-h maternal separations during critical periods of hippocampal development can disrupt hippocampal cytoarchitecture in a stable manner. Expand
Duloxetine in the acute and long-term treatment of major depressive disorder: a placebo- and paroxetine-controlled trial
These data support previous findings that duloxetine is safe, efficacious, and well tolerated in the acute treatment of major depressive disorder. Expand
Role of omega-3 fatty acids in brain development and function: potential implications for the pathogenesis and prevention of psychopathology.
The principle omega-3 fatty acid in brain, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), accumulates in the brain during perinatal cortical expansion and maturation. Animal studies have demonstrated that reductions inExpand
Docosahexaenoic acid supplementation increases prefrontal cortex activation during sustained attention in healthy boys: a placebo-controlled, dose-ranging, functional magnetic resonance imaging study.
Dietary DHA intake and associated elevations in erythrocyte DHA composition are associated with alterations in functional activity in cortical attention networks during sustained attention in healthy boys. Expand
Duloxetine 60 mg once daily dosing versus placebo in the acute treatment of major depression.
Duloxetine 60 mg administered once daily appears to be a safe and effective treatment for MDD. Expand
Risperidone Pretreatment Prevents Elevated Locomotor Activity Following Neonatal Hippocampal Lesions
The predictive validity of the neonatal hippocampal lesion model in identifying preventive treatment for first-episode psychosis is supported and the use of low-dose risperidone in psychosis prevention is supported, although the possibility that higher ris peridone doses could be less effective in this application is suggested. Expand
Targeted Disruption of RC3 Reveals a Calmodulin-Based Mechanism for Regulating Metaplasticity in the Hippocampus
An mGluR-dependent CaM-based sliding threshold mechanism for metaplasticity that is governed by the phosphorylation states of RC3 and CaMKII is proposed, which appears to render the postsynaptic neuron hypersensitive to Ca2+, decreasing its LTD and LTP thresholds and accentuating the effects of priming stimuli. Expand
Cognitive response to fish oil, blueberry, and combined supplementation in older adults with subjective cognitive impairment
Cognitive benefit in the BB group was associated with the presence of urinary anthocyanins reflecting recent BB intake but not with Anthocyanin metabolites, however, combined FO + BB treatment was not associated with cognitive enhancement as expected. Expand
Abnormalities in the fatty acid composition of the postmortem orbitofrontal cortex of schizophrenic patients: Gender differences and partial normalization with antipsychotic medications
Findings add to a growing body of evidence implicating omega-3 fatty acid deficiency as well as the OFC in the pathoaetiology of SZ, and suggest that abnormalities in OFC fatty acid composition may be gender-specific and partially normalized by antipsychotic medications. Expand